HSBC introduces gender-neutral titles on Trans Day of Visibility

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HSBC has introduced gender-neutral titles for its customers, to mark Trans Day of Visibility.

Customers who have a bank account with the bank can now choose from nine titles including Mx; Ind and M.

The titles are intended to give non-binary people more choices if they do not wish to be identified by gender.

HSBC have introduced the following new titles:

  • Mx (pronounced Mix or Mux)
  • Ind (abbreviation of individual)
  • M (abbreviation used in France)
  • Mre (abbreviation for ‘mystery’)
  • Msr (a combination of Miss and Sir)
  • Myr
  • Pr (abbreviation of person)
  • Sai (pronounced sigh, used in Asia)
  • Ser (pronounced sair, used in Latin America)
  • Misc (abbreviation of miscellaneous)

HSBC are also making the process of changing gender on a bank account easier and more streamlined. To make the change, customers now only need to present a passport, driving licence or birth certificate that supports the change of gender.

Speaking about the announcement, Stuart Barette, HSBC UK Pride Network’s Trans Lead said, “The day that I went into the branch to change my name and my gender I was terrified to be honest.”

“Coming out to anyone is difficult, as you don’t know how people are going to react.”

“That’s why the changes we’ve been making are so important, so that our trans customers can feel confident that they’re going to have a good experience and be speaking with someone who has been trained to better understand them.”

Stuart Haire, HSBC’s Head of Retail UK, said, “The changes announced today are part of a broader priority for us to ensure our products and services are relevant for the unique financial needs of all our customers.”

“We want everyone to be able to access simple and smart banking solutions that work for them, and we will continue working with our LGBT+ colleagues and customers to ensure we’re getting it right.”

A spokesperson for LGBT lobby group Stonewall praised the move, saying, “It’s great to see an increasing number of organisations prioritise issues affecting trans people.”

“The banking sector has taken huge strides towards making lesbian, gay, bi and trans employees and customers feel valued.”

“This was demonstrated earlier this year by Lloyds Banking Group, who came number one in our top 100 LGBT inclusive employers in Britain.”

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