Hunger Project UK launch A Day in Her Food challenge to highlight impact of hunger on women

The Hunger Project UK has launched a food campaign to highlight the impact of hunger on women around the world.

The Hunger Project UK is a non-profit organisation working across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The campaign is asking participants to join Team Senegal, with its beans and rice-based dishes, Team Bangladesh, that features lentils, rice and chilli, or Team Peru, with dishes consisting of potato, wheat and corn, with participants asking friends and family to sponsor them as they take on the challenge.Can you live A Day in Her Food-1

The campaign also welcomes teams from schools and workplaces to select a recipe from one of the menus and make A Day in Her Food lunch, or dinner.

Campaign Manager and creator, Niki Psarias, said: “A Day in Her Food challenges participants to live one day (or more) experiencing what a woman living in chronic hunger in Senegal, Bangladesh, or Peru, would eat, understanding to small extent what life might be like for her, and fundraising for our work empowering communities to end hunger.”

The challenge provides supporters with full recipes for whichever country’s menu they choose to follow. “We’ve collaborated with our teams in Senegal, Bangladesh and Peru to produce authentic recipes of what a woman would have on a daily basis,” said Psarias.

Figures from the United Nations reveal that 60% of the world’s hungry are women and girls. Some cultural traditions mean that women eat last and that women will sacrifice their own food to make sure their family is fed.

“We want to highlight the disproportionate effect that hunger has on women,” said Sophie Noonan, The Hunger Project UK’s Country Director.

“But we know also that women are the key to ending hunger in our lifetime. Research shows that when women are empowered and supported, everyone benefits: communities become more resilient, families are healthier, more children go to school, incomes increase, and agricultural productivity improves. All funds raised from A Day in Her Food go to The Hunger Project, to support our work empo

wering women and men to end their own hunger, for good.”
Figures show that less than 10% of the world’s hungry are suf

fering from starvation or famine and that the vast majority of people are living in chronic persistent hunger with alack of nutrients and variety of meals.


“Some of our challengers will take on A Day in Her

Food for three or more days, thus really understanding what that lack of variety and choice might mean for these women and their families,” said Psarias.

“Although the number of hungry people has been almost halved in the past 20 years, 795 million people around the world are still living in chronic hunger. We’ve still got work to do.”

How to take the challenge:

. 1) Visit to sign up
. 3) CHOOSE A MENU – are you team Senegal, Bangladesh

, or Peru? With full recipes provided, 
choose one country and follow what a woman would eat in a day.
. 4) MAKE A FUNDRAISING PAGE – make a page on JustGiving and

get family and friends to 
support you on your challenge:
. 5) SPREAD THE WORD – share your experiences and photos of your meals on social media, with hashtag #ADayInHerFood


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