I will never go through these dating mistakes again!

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I’m not even sure where to start this. It has been an interesting year!! Wait, no,  it has been ADVENTUROUS year. For sure!!

If anything at all, I went through the good, the bad and the damn ugliest experience on my dating journey in 2012 but I sure will not be repeating the same mistakes in 2013!!.

The programme that I devised for myself and the other ladies who joined me in this year did actually work!   I met a wonderful guy, who was just right for me! He matched my stats, had great future prospects (by my standards), he made me laugh and made me confront certain issues that I was dealing with internally (yep! we all have those), physicals were great (for me!) and we had great fun together!! All within four months or so!  He was just my ideal guy.  But unfortunately life in the City got too much for him and he just had to go back to his home country, which,  by the way is just a few hours flight away. I was very disappointed by how it all ended. For  even when he left town, I was open to the idea of a transcontinental relationship for we were at the edge of crossing over the dating chasm to a stable state that it felt natural to pursue that course. I was indeed heart broken and I let him go without so much as saying goodbye to him face to face.  I chose to forget all about him when he left but he didn’t. For a few months after he left, he got back in touch again. We talked for a few weeks and analysed the situation as it was but I pulled back. I gave up , for I couldn’t see the end of it all! Some say I should have pressed forward for love is intense, painful, playful, beautiful and never smooth riding!

 I now know that I can’t pain proof the whole process but to me  it just wasn’t meant to be!

What was I supposed to do now, although I had other exciting dates going on, none was that precious! So I decided to broaden the horizon by trying online dating (again)!!   Don’t know what it is, but it probably may be that my timing was way too bad! For it looked and felt as if I got the crumbs not in the looks department (they all matched up well in person) but in the character department. To say the very least, it appears that the remaining chaps are all in for one thing by Date 3 – a marathon shagfest! But as you  know, I believe that a ‘shaggaton’ as my  dear girlfriends would put it, is best reserved for loving relationships, and not when I am still trying to find the One!  I most certainly didn’t help my situation either on this issue by self disclosing this view to my dates!

For in as much as honesty may be a good thing, I’ve come to realise that it’s probably best to relay these views through actions rather than saying it out loud!

Maybe I could learn a thing or two from  Dita Von Teese‘s good side!

So will Cupid eventually find me?

I believe so!

Eventually but one  thing is for sure –  these mistakes will never be repeated again! Never Ever!  It sure didn’t kill me but they will stay in 2012 forever!!

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