Santa Eulalia

HotelIt’s no secret that Ibiza has a reputation for being a bit of a party island. However, away from the craziness can be found stretches of secluded coastline, hidden beach side restaurants and even some places to get fit and relax. Who’da thunk it?!

I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend through work in Santa Eulalia, a beautiful coastal town away from the main clubbing districts but still bustling with bars and restaurants, and home to a top notch spa and fitness centre at the stunning 5* hotel Aguas de Ibiza. This is where the party animals go to recuperate.

For a sunny weekend escape away from the cold blustery weather of London you couldn’t want for more. The late October weather was a fresh and sunny 26 degrees Celsius and gave just the dose of Vitamin D my bones needed! But as much as I had sunbathing on the brain, I was there to sample Wellbeing Escapes’ exclusive flexible fitness programme with the 38degree North fitness team at the hotel Aguas de Ibiza.

After a hilarious morning where I wobbled through a feeble push-up, a wonky lunge and a grueling plank, they determined that I basically had no core strength and prescribed me a Pilates-ball training session ASAP with Faye, the bubbly and inspiring personal trainer who used her background in both dance and kick-boxing (she is a two-times world champion!) to create a fun and inspiring class.

PoolAfter a hard work out I took to the waters at the hotel’s revival spa. From the blistering Finnish sauna, to the hammam experience I certainly worked up a sweat, appeased by frequent dunkings in the refreshingly cold plunge pool and unlimited herbal teas in the relaxation area.

Suffice to say my skin was left suitably pink and glowing! I also booked in for a deep tissue massage which was much needed after the hard-core Pilates work out! I could feel my muscles thanking me for with every stroke.

Santa EulaliaWhen I travel I don’t like to feel too secluded at a destination, for me a perfect weekend break allows me to get out and explore some of the area. This is where the hotel’s location came into its own. To the right you had Santa Eulalia’s marina, which is only a 5 minute stroll down a classy, palm-fringed promenade to all the restaurants. Sink a Hierbas (a local herb- infused digestive) or dine on fresh grilled fish in the sunshine. But on just the other side of the hotel there was a totally different vibe; a ramble across some pine-scented hills led to stretches of undeveloped coastline and some gorgeous little secluded beaches. It was on one of these walks I discovered a remote beachfront restaurant called Babylon, which as well as doing some very tasty food, was a fantastic spot for watching the sunset and the moon rise over the shimmery Mediterranean waters. Magical.

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Miranda Vinall is chief copywriter and marketeer for Wellbeing Escapes. When she’s not hot-footing it around the globe sussing out spas and wellness centres (hey someone’s gotta do it), she can mostly be found checking out live music and art events in London. Something of a nomad, Miranda is equally as happy sitting in a hot tub as she is head-banging to her favourite bands in dive-bars. Miranda’s favourite place in London is sitting under a big gnarly tree in Regent’s park with a good book or her sketchpad.

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