If Only I Can See What He Sees -WiseGirls Talk Networking and Branding

Getting your point across to your date and branding yourself appropriately is as important as knowing how to work a room to your advantage. That is why resident WiseGirl and your Host, Mandy Le-Fontaine, asked Heather White, a networking architect to join in our dating conversations this Sunday November 4th 7pm GMT

 On this show, Heather will share on:

  • Communication patterns of men and women, how to recognize, acknowledge and use the differences to your advantage
  • 360 degrees Branding 
  • How to working a room for your benefit”

To call in: 

From the UK: 0844 720 2410 when prompted 001 347 426 3192

ROW – 001 347 426 3192

To Listen in to ‘If Only I Can See What He Sees” with Mandy and Heather Click here

About Heather White

Heather White, the founder of Smarter Networking,  is described as a networking architect around the world! She has a unique ability to strip down and then build up extremely successful networks. She usually works closely with individuals, teams and companies and count a number of FTSE 100 companies as clients. Through her work, Heather has taught many to break communication barriers on the professional and personal front. Resident WiseGirl, Mandy Le- Fontaine, watched Heather’s presentation on Personal Branding and Networking  and immediately recognised the social application of Heather’s techniques for singles. You don’t really want to miss this show!


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