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Lizzie Angwin - Mug Shot.jpgCareers City Rising Star Lizzie Angwin is a Manager in Deloitte’s Corporate Finance division. She works within the Transaction Services team in their main London offices.

Tell us a little bit about a day in the life of a manager in Deloitte?

My role focuses on supporting clients in making informed transaction related decisions. Our working environment is highly commercial and client focused, with multi location and multi disciplinary due diligence teams which include finance, tax, commercial and pensions. As part of the financial due diligence team, my day to day work largely involves focusing on a single live project at a time. I analyse and interpret data and draw out the relevant information to discuss with the client and target management in order to identify and report on key issues, with a focus on significant value items, risks and pricing implications.

To date I have primarily concentrated on acquisition due diligence projects involving targets in a variety of industries, from infrastructure to business services, although the consumer business sector is my main industry alignment. I have a mix of private equity and corporate clients.

Alongside this direct client work I research other potential new deals and opportunities where Deloitte may be able to add value.

What did you study or what experience did you obtain in order to get in to your current role?

After studying Geography at Southampton University and then taking a few months out to travel, I joined Deloitte’s graduate scheme in their Consumer Business Audit group. Here, I completed my Chartered Accountancy exams and, through exposure to a range of companies, gained an insight into a variety of business management practices. Through assessing and analysing different businesses, I learned how to identify their risk areas and key performance drivers. My role also included managing both client relations and the audit field team. This experience has proved an invaluable foundation to my career and made it natural move to my current role in Corporate Finance.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I am a sociable person so I enjoy the external interaction with client and target management as well as the team environment at Deloitte. The people I meet tend to have a wide range of experience and career goals which I find interesting and inspiring.

I also find it rewarding working in such a current, varied and forward looking sector where the impact of our work and the value placed on our experience and technical expertise is evident.

Can you tell us a little bit about what is great about working at Deloitte?

The great thing about Deloitte is the people. Right from the start I found my peers to be ambitious and motivated. This, along with the support and inspiration that I am able to draw from more senior colleagues, encourages me to push forward with my own aspirations. Learning and career progression are actively encouraged here.

Furthermore, through the different service lines Deloitte offers, I have been able to gain a broad range of experience, as reflected by my transfer from Audit to Corporate Finance.

Do you network either internal or externally?

Yes, both. Internal networking is encouraged and facilitated by Deloitte’s cross service line teams. External networking is often in the form of client specific catch-up events, attending relevant training and seminar sessions, connecting over Linkedin and just generally keeping in touch with previous colleagues, employers and university alumni. This contact allows me to learn about the experiences and issues facing my peers and others operating elsewhere in the industry.

Tell us about your own career aspirations?

I am constantly seeking to be challenged through learning new skills and increasing my experience. I am presently defining challenges for the forthcoming year which will enable me to develop in my role as a manager and continue progressing up the career ladder. Ultimately I aspire to a successful and rewarding career, recognising that the final goal will evolve and adapt over time.

What advice would you give to someone wanting a career in your profession?

My advice would be to recognise and regularly remind yourself of what interests and motivates you, although acknowledging that this may change over time. Then, actively pursue these interests by maintaining an awareness of the relevant industry/market and contact with people in the field. In particular, identify people with similar goals to your own who are en route to achieving them and use their achievements as an inspiration to start paving the way of your own career path.


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