In her Shoes: Sophie Ambrose | Executive Assistant, UKI IBM iX Strategy & Market Development Team

Sophie Ambrose

I was determined to join IBM for a number of reasons, the key two being; the consulting lifestyle and the people.

The consulting lifestyle is “every day is different”.  You start getting to grips with what that actually means on day one of the four-week induction course. You start learning core consulting skills, about IBM’s clients and its internal structure. I then started working on a project with iX where I had the opportunity to put some of that into practice.

The people here at IBM are all so approachable and I was shocked by the number of senior managers who’d happily sit with new graduates to discuss their experiences and offer guidance. They have all helped me to create a career plan to see what training I’d like to do and what skills I’d like to specialize in. It’s not just the support from the senior people though, you are also allocated a buddy who is a fellow graduate that can help guide you with any questions you may have.

There is a real sense of community which isn’t just within IBM, it extends beyond the company. I’m so happy I’ve been able to maintain my ties to Loughborough University, where I graduated from. I’ve been able to help IBM organise careers events such as an LGBT+ Association career panel which is a cause I hold dear to my heart.

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