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Let’s start from the very beginning.. Hopefully this will show us why we need to follow the Journey plan consistently and guard it with our very lives!!!

In the beginning, WiseGirl met gorgeous bloke! To protect the innocent, we use Mr A, Mr B etc to denote these gorgeous guys!!! WiseGirl was excited and so was Mr A. Conversation flowed seamlessly and the alcohol wasn’t even that much!! This is how it all happened! Crowded bar, music on the low…. the room was buzzing with excitement. Both men and women are speaking to each other at exaggerated pitch notes!! WiseGirl, having sampled a few of the gorgeous guys, in  a good way, was on the high!! Feeling super confident and all so should she be… WiseGirl and Mr A spotted each other in the crowd first off but you know the game, …. each was stalling the other, checking the other out to see who will make the first move.  No contact for a long time and yet  each followed the  other around the room with their eyes and  made sure they were within close proximity of each other!! It was like playing musical chairs!!! So much fun….

Eventually, 3hrs later, WiseGirl and Mr A found themselves so close to each other it was impossible not to say hello!! Saying hello led to the usual conversation starter, where are you from…. how long have you been in the City for…. oooh and here it goes…. establishing a common factor!! In our case it was skiing!!!! Oh dear!!! This escalated the conversation pitch even higher, making it even smoother! From my side and I suspected his too, interest in one another heightened to a whole new level at this point. But before it could go even further, I excused herself and went home…..On the way home, I made the very first mistake of the OLD PLAN…  he definitely is boyfriend material!! Duh!!! Mr A is automatically filed in the ‘boyfriend bucket’!!! Crazy isn’t it? It’s just like rushing into the dealership shop and buying the first car on sight without even test driving the damn thing!!! Well it is…….

According to my old model, I thought it is important to think that way for it to happen, but the reality of the situation is that at this point, Mr A is not even close to taking that line of thought. He was terrified about the mere thought of asking me out!!! But given my eagle, womanly instinct, I know or think I do know, how we’re going to end up. So somehow, I managed to open myself up to a guy that I knew little about, even at this stage and unconsciously invited him in to take all he can…. Has it happened to you? Let me hear from you……

About the author was created to test out a new phenomenon!! We hear of countless stories where women (and many women around the world) go on a date, maybe once or twice…. get to know the guy and then as soon as she makes up her mind that this is the guy that she would like to have in her life… the guy suddenly turns cold towards her!!! Sounds familiar? What happened? How did this nice guy who was pursuing you countlessly suddenly turned cold the moment you started to show an interest in him? Why did he change his attitude? Why did he stopped calling, stopped texting, cancelled the date (with an excuse— I’m sick! and never called back)

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