Inside the Psychology of Sales: How to Convert More Leads

meeting-between-two-business-woman-at-a-desk-shallow-depth-of-fieldHow to convert more leads is one question most business owners/managers ask.

Here are a few important tips:

Ask for the Sale

It’s surprising how few people actually ask for a sale. Even women at Tupperware parties understand this logic. “How many can I put you down for?” is a common question asked at the end of a conversation. Before you know it, you’ve bought two cases of Tupperware you may or may not use. Asking for a sale is one of the best sales techniques. In an online store, this is called a call to action. Telling your customers you want them to buy a product is the difference between a potential customer and a customer. Place a button that says “Click Here to Buy” underneath your product or a button that says “Sign Up for My Free Newsletter!” This tells customers what you want them to do—which is sometimes all they need to take action.

Give Your Product Value

Everyone loves free stuff, but everyone also loves buying stuff. How many times have you walked into your favourite store to find there’s a huge clearance sale happening? You walk over to the huge bin of shoes, strewn over tables. You look at a price tag to notice they’ve all been marked down 75%. Suddenly, these shoes don’t look so good. What’s wrong with them? Why does no one else want them? It’s not surprising that if the shoes had been priced more and they had been displayed on a fancy shelf, you might have felt differently about them. The same goes for any purchase. Price your services and products accordingly. People want to buy products that have monetary value placed upon them.

Offer Fewer Options

Customers can feel extremely overwhelmed by too many options. If you give them too many choices, they’ll likely feel frustrated and leave without buying anything. Giving them only a few choices gives them the option to give in-depth consideration to every choice. It also gives value to your product. Instead of giving them 20 mediocre options, you can offer three amazing options. Plus, thinking about too many options takes time. This gives buyers the option to say, “Let me think about it.” Of course you’re going to let them think about it. You just gave them a sheet of 20 options; who wouldn’t need to look that over? Offering three options will allow you to explain all three options and make a sale faster.

Learn More About Your Craft

Continuing your education is one of the most important steps you can take to sell more and increase your sales potential. The psychology of the sale is not an easy skill to learn, and finding both a teacher and a support group like Randstad can help ease the pain of rejection and growing pains within the sales industry.

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