Inspirational Quotes: Anna Wintour | Journalist, Editor, OBE and Outstanding Achievement Award winner

Anna Wintour, born 1949 is a British journalist who is famous for her immense work in the fashion Industry.
Anna Wintour New Years Honours 2017
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Anna Wintour started her career by studying fashion journalism and working for British magazines and has since remained within fashion industry. Wintour was the Editor-in-Chief of American Vouge from 1988 until 2016. She has become an important figure in the fashion world, and has been widely praised for her support for young designers and her eye for fashion trends.   

Throughout her extensive career in fashion, Wintour has led both British and then American editions of vouge, mentored an array of upcoming designers who are now household names today. In addition, Wintour has supported many charites such as raising $20 million for HIV/AIDS.

Wintour has been awarded for her contributions to the fashion world. The Queen appointed Wintour an OBE in 2008 for her services to the fashion industry. Wintour was also honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award at the British Fashion Awards 2014.

Below you will find the best inspirational quotes from Anna Wintour herself.

“You either know fashion or you don’t.”

“There’s a new kind of woman out there. She’s interested in business and money. She doesn’t have time to shop anymore. She wants to know what and why and where and how.”

“It was a leap of faith and it was certainly a big change for Vogue.”

“I look for strong people. I don’t like people who’ll say yes to everything I might bring up. I want people who can argue and disagree and have a point of view that’s reflected in the magazine. My dad believed in the cult of personality. He brought great writers and columnists to The Standard.”

“I’m very good at delegating – people work much better when they have a real sense of responsibility. But at the same time, I don’t like surprises. I don’t pore over every shoot, but I do like to be aware at all times of what’s going on.”

“I wasn’t academically successful. And maybe I’ve spent a lot of my career trying to make up for that.”

“I surround myself with a talented group of people that are opinionated and interesting. I try to remain very open to what others have to say.”

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