Inspirational reads for your lunch break

books for womenTired of spending your lunch break scrolling through pointless updates, poor jokes and photos of kittens?

Ditch the social media sites and pick up an inspirational read instead. Whether you’re into business or cooking, our run-down will help you find a better way to spend your lunch hour.

Mother & Baby

If you’re a new mother or are expecting your first bundle of joy, you’ll understand how precious your time is. What better way to make the most of your lunch break than by picking up a copy of Mother & Baby? The magazine is packed full of top parenting tips and advice, from instant crying fixes to secrets that will help your baby sleep.

And, with subscription services like Unique Magazines, you can get each new edition delivered direct to you, to the home or the office.

Life Optimizer

Not ready to ditch the gadgets just yet? Online blog Life Optimizer provides a stream of inspiration stories, tips and articles, that will help you live your life to the fullest.

Owned by Donald Latumahina, Life Optimizer was created as a result of his background in computer science. If you can maximise the uses and efficiency of a PC, can you do the same with your life? Covering topics like forgiveness, optimism and positivity, the site certainly provides food for thought that has the potential to alter your outlook on life.

Herman Melville’s Bartleby the Scrivener

Having one of those days where you’re feeling like more like a robot than a person? Herman Melville’s short story Bartleby the Scrivener may have been written more than 150 years ago, but it still remains relevant to our fast paced modern lives.

This haunting tale of a humble scribe won’t take long to read, so it’s perfect for picking up over your lunch, but the message will stick with you forever. To avoid us saying too much and spoiling it for you, head over to Amazon and buy your copy today.

Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup for the Soul

If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up to see you through the afternoon, look no further than Jack Canfield’s and Mark Victor Hansen’s Chicken Soup for the Soul. The book is packed full of short stories and moving tales that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, working to restore your faith in humanity and realign how you view your life.

From Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul to Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul, there are a range of editions available in this series, all of which are well worth a read. Many of the books are available on Amazon, head over to the site and choose the perfect one for you now!

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