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Love Yourself – A Video Dedicated to Girls and Boys Who Struggle with Body Image

Source: LoveLyLieKie’s channel

We’re media students at the University of Amsterdam. For the course “Media Activism” we were assigned to create something that expressed our views on a certain topic. We wanted to do a video and as we have both struggled with body image, this seemed like the perfect topic to create a video about. Not only do we hope that this video will grant us an “AVV”, but we also truly hope that this video will somehow help girls and boys that are struggling with body image right now.

This video was created by: Jana Gerth & Anlieka Marconi

For: Media Activism 2011 – University of Amsterdam

Music Used in This Video: Löhstana David – T’empailler Toute Nue (Song can be found and downloaded on

We got our sufficients and passed the course. Yay!

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