Inspirational Woman: Chrystianna Filis | Managing Director, Harley Cosmetic

Chrystianna FilisChrystianna Filis is Managing Director of Harley Cosmetic, and has over 14 years’ experience in advanced aesthetics and has worked and continues to work with some of London’s best surgeons.

Her knowledge and relentless attention to detail has changed the lives of many of her clients by providing them with a pinch of perfection and in turn, making them feel more confident in their own skin. Chrystianna guides and advises each and every one of her customers, ensuring that the best possible route is taken to achieve the results, whilst using state of the art machinery, products and treatments.

Tell us a bit about yourself, background and your current role

I was born in Enfield and my heritage is Greek Cypriot. I am currently the Director of harleycosmeticlondon, harleycosmeticskincare and harleycosmeticacademy and I am devoted to making my clients aware that outer aesthetic is not what defines you. When I finished school I went straight into beauty college. The anatomy and physiology side of beauty fascinated me so much that I decided to going into aesthetics. At 19 years old I was in a serious car accident and sustained permanent scarring to my face. This inspired me to learn more about aesthetics and I became even more passionate about promoting self love and beauty from the inside.

Did you ever sit down and plan your career? 

I never could have imagined that I’d be a business owner so It’s not something I planned from a young age. The moment I thought things needed to change (and they did literally overnight) was when I fell pregnant with my daughter who is my driving force. She is a huge part in my success, she inspired me to create Harley Cosmetic London.

Have you faced any challenges along the way?

Absolutely. There are challenges that arise almost every day, but I believe in learning from any failures or challenges, never letting them defeat you. No business is going to be straight forward and easy, but challenges are what have shaped my business and life.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Although Harley Cosmetic London is my life and future that I am hugely dedicated to, my biggest achievement is my daughter as she is my world. She is the most independent, beautiful, funny, loving soul ever.

What one thing do you believe has been a major factor in you achieving success? 

This is a bitter sweet answer but a major factor for the success of the clinic, has been having the courage and strength to know what is right from wrong, in terms of what will and will not compliment the future of Harley Cosmetic London. This means declining opportunities that may at first seem tempting, or making a difficult decision, in able to steer the business in a direction that will ultimately lead to long term success.

How do you feel about mentoring? Have you mentored anyone or are you someone’s mentee?

I absolutely love mentoring and helping support others. I am currently mentoring at the moment and regularly get approached to be a mentor because I truly believe in the Harley Cosmetic message and want to spread that as far as I can.

If you could change one thing to accelerate the pace of change for Gender Parity, what would it be? 

I think education is vital to make change, so I would like to use my experience in business and life to educate people in order to accelerate change for Gender Parity.

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?

Work to build your own empire and success without relying on anyone. Learn from your failures and challenges along the way and never give up.

What is your next challenge and what are you hoping to achieve in the future? 

My next challenge is to branch out internationally and have and umbrella of fantastic practitioners working with Harley Cosmetic London, to continue to promote the message of self love, with hands you can trust. 

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