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Lynne Franks LogoLynne Franks started her own PR and media company when she was just 20 years old. Her clients included famous artists and fashion designers, as well as leading international brands. Lynne grew to become probably the most well known PR lady in the world. She is also known to be the inspiration behind the famous character, Edina, in the UK’s Absolutely Fabulous TV series, although she doesn’t like to be reminded of it!  After selling her company in her 40’s, Lynne spent twenty years writing books aimed at women, including her very successful SEED Handbook, about doing business from a female’s perspective.

Now in her third career, Lynne is dedicated to empowering women, through her speaking, coaching and networking activities. She also teaches women how to reach their full potential through her inspirational Bloom retreats, in Majorca, where she lives some of the time.

Lynne joins Myriam O’Carroll for a conversation to share her wisdom, creativity and energy.

Lynne, you are a PR lady, journalist, author, speaker, lifestyle coach, leading women’s empowerment guru and networker… Which hat do you wear today?

I think that everything I do, and have done over the past 20 years, comes under the heading of empowering women, so I do really see myself, in the broader sense, as a facilitator, a leader, a teacher of women, using my experience, and wisdom, and creativity to show other women, particularly younger women, how to move into their own full potential, whatever that may be, not always in business.

Would you say you are today in your 3rd career?

Yes, I think a bit like that, because I am now 64, and I started my business when I was 20, as a journalist. For twenty years after that, I have been writing books that have been aimed at women. And now this twenty-year period is starting and I seem to be moving into a more global wider aspect of collaboration, with other initiatives and other women and men in businesses, sharing out what I have seen: wisdom, creativity, energy.

Have you found your inner peace?

I don’t know, it comes and goes. If I am meditating, if I am having a long walk in the country with my dog and I am really enjoying myself, on my own, with my own thoughts, dancing… I get that sense of peace and fortunately, those periods of peace get longer and longer. Life gets better!

How do you nurture your creativity?

The way I nurture my creativity is when I turn everything off. That’s the point and I do a lot of it. I am very good at nurturing myself and I have learnt the benefit of taking long walks in the country where I live now, even if I have to commute more, it’s worth it. And I do meditate, I do yoga, I do my five rhythms dance practice… those are a very important part of my life. I spend time with my family and other women in women circles, where I am not taking a leadership role, but where I am part of the group, it’s very important for me too.

Who is or was the most inspirational person in your life?

I think the most inspirational person in my life is a 97 year-old Indian old woman called Dadi Janki, who is the head of an organization called the Brahma Kumaris. They are a spiritual organization, the only women-lead spiritual organization in the world, which started in India some 70 years ago, by a man actually. Dadi Janki, for me, is the epitome of true feminine power. She is so wise, she is so present and she is so committed to service. She is my inspiration.

What is your social media attitude?

I am not addicted to social media, by any means, as I don’t have the time. I have a separate space in my inbox just for Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc and, once a day, I quickly go through and just see if I’ve got any personal messages or anything I need to know. It fits in and I am very conscious of the importance of it, in today’s world, so I learn a lot from it. But I think we have all to be careful not to get obsessed with it, because if you live in that space you don’t have time for the real world.

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Myriam is the features editor for our Inspirational Women in business. She is committed to raising the voice of women in media and has met some of the most prolific women (and, dare we say it, is as inspirational as those she interviews!). Myriam has been working in the industry for over ten years, with CNN and CNBC Europe. She is also the founder of Smart Content, a boutique consultancy helping brands to express their authentic personality and engage with their consumer groups, through compelling content.
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