Inspire young people in your area | Join the Ada Lovelace Day celebrations

Ada Lovelace Day

Education charity Founders4Schools are putting inspiring women into schools across the country this Ada Lovelace Day, to show students that STEM careers could be an exciting option for their future.

So what is Ada Lovelace Day all about, and how can you get involved?

Ada Lovelace Day is celebrated on the second Tuesday of October every year, with events across the world recognising the achievements of women working in science, technology, engineering and maths. Its namesake, Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852), wrote the first ever computer code algorithm – now, Ada Lovelace Day aims to increase not only her profile, but the profiles of all women in STEM. This makes it a great opportunity to encourage more girls into STEM careers.

Founders4Schools are supporting Ada Lovelace Day by giving teachers across the country a way to easily invite local female business leaders into their schools. Allowing young people to meet women in STEM, learn from their experience and understand what a STEM career is really all about is an incredible way to make an impact on the lives of young people still figuring out where to go in life. Providing female role models for young girls is also incredibly important in a field which is still male-dominated even in the 21st Century.

You can give your support to students in your own local area by volunteering as a Founders4Schools speaker and allowing educators in your local area to invite you to their events. You will always be in control of whether you accept or decline an invite – so making yourself visible on the Founders4Schools platform isn’t the same as committing to speaking at an event.

Of course, we hope that you’ll say yes if you do receive an Ada Lovelace Day invite, and we also welcome you to share the platform with any educators in your network so that they can get their own schools involved.

Ready to inspire? Here are the important details:


Ada Lovelace Day is on the 9/10/2018, but you might be invited into events throughout September and October.


Register here using your LinkedIn profile – it takes less than five minutes.


    • Inspire students in your local area
    • Feel the buzz of becoming a STEM role model
    • Build a future talent pipeline by encouraging more girls into STEM
    • Help Founders4Schools close the skills gap currently threatening economic growth.

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