How Instagram and social media can help your next London event

City-of-London-Sky-LineHosting conferences and events requires plenty of attention to detail. It’s important to see to accommodations, if people are flying in, and finding a venue can be difficult if planning is left entirely to the last minute.

While trade shows and events can help with publicity, there is a second avenue for getting the word out about your company that many people overlook. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all important for any business to have in today’s online age, but sharing photos from your event can extend the benefits to the general public, too.

While it’s important to make use of these services to share exciting info from your event, it’s important that you do so correctly. Simply adding selfies from around London isn’t likely to achieve the right goal. Use these tips to ensure that your photos bring out the best of your business or event.

Make Use of the Explore Function on Instagram

If you aren’t aware of the potential for networking right within Instagram itself, you’re potentially missing out on an entire target audience. The “Explore” function can help you to find like-minded individuals or business people who are focused on the same industries or goals as you, and can be an excellent way to find potential attendees prior to your event. As with other search tools online, it works on keywords, so be sure to choose appropriate keywords for your target audience.

Hire the Right Venue

The old adage of, “Location, Location, Location,” is true for more than just real estate sellers; choosing the right venue for your event can be the difference between staggering failure and success. Be sure to consider budget, the needs of your group, and flexibility when reviewing different venues. While a hotel conference room might be appropriate for business conferences, it probably won’t do much for large-scale presentations and certainly won’t work for concerts. Further, a properly dressed venue will make your event look exciting, well-thought-out, and beautiful in shared photos. London has plenty of beautiful event locations available, from 120 Moorgate’s conference rooms and training facilities to the fully restored Edwardian music hall at Hackney Empire.

Consider using London Venue Hire By Venue Search London if you aren’t confident in your ability to plan for a venue yourself. There is nothing wrong with using such a service; it can save time and money in the end, as they often have access to group rates and steep discounts.

Hire a Photographer

Although selfies and smartphone pictures should be encouraged by attendees, hiring a photographer who is knowledgeable in catching the right moment during business events can help to ensure that your business is painted in the right light. Be sure to search for someone with specialized knowledge in trade shows and events; this may cost more, but they should know how to properly set up photo opportunities the right way. If you can access someone with experience in both video and photography, you’ll have easy access to professional videos to share, too.

Set Up Your Posts Correctly

Before the event, think about what it is you hope to get across to viewers. Choose a hashtag that will balance term popularity with incentive to view or follow. It can be somewhat helpful to do some research into popular tags for your industry, but in the end, your hashtag should either be unique to your event or highly popular in general. Using two or three short hashtags can also be helpful; for example, try using terms like, “#finedining #gourmetfood #London” if you are hoping to draw Londoners to your event centered on gourmet food. Finding the right combination can be difficult, but you should always include the #London hashtag and at least one industry-related keyword.

Tell a Story

Also, be sure to tell a story with your photos– from day one of your event until it ends. Start with an opening photo, and progress through the event pictorially in a way that gives the event life and personality. The goal is to draw people in and make them feel as if they, too, are a part of the event–right from within their own living rooms. If you are seeking attendees, consider using in-house contests to draw people down to your location. Invite people to “come and have fun,” or “come and learn”. By identifying what direct benefit people will receive from attending, you will provide a more powerful incentive without seeming pushy. Don’t forget to include address details or a link to map to help attendees find their way to you easily.

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