Top Insurance companies address ‘opportunity gap’ with Connect Mentors

colleagues connecting with each other
To coincide with National Mentoring day, top insurance firms Canopius and Brit Insurance have teamed up to address the ‘opportunity gap’.

The companies are backing a new UK wide online mentoring platform, Connect Mentors, and will provide ten mentors each at the launch.

Canopius and Brit Insurance aim to address the £19 billion talent shortage that Britain is currently experiencing, and update the recruitment market.

Connect Mentors will match mentors from some of Britain’s highest ranking organisations, including ASOS, Amazon and Thomson Reuters.

They will then connect these mentors with ‘mentees’ from unconnected backgrounds, and provide advice, instructions and share their wealth of knowledge.

Talent pools will be provided by Connect Mentor’s partner organsations, representing the BAME community, students, returning mothers and individuals aged 55 and above.

The service will be free for the mentees.

According to IBT, 72 per cent of British businesses face a talent shortage but just 36 per cent have implemented plans to tackle it.

Jessica Huie, one of the founders of the project, writes: “Britain arguably faces a serious labour problem. More than 600,000 experienced employees reach retirement age every year, and there are currently 695,000 (ONS) job vacancies, up from the 2012’s 438,000.

“If just those extra 257,000 jobs were filled at average salaries, GDP would be increased by £7bn. If all were filled, GDP would increase by £19bn.

“This deteriorating situation is only likely to increase after Brexit. There is an anticipated employment shortfall of 3.1 million by 2050.

Connect Mentors believes that the issue is more about an “opportunity gap” than a skills shortage. It aims to close the gap.”

VIP individual mentors and ambassadors include the restaurateur, Iqbal Wahhab OBE (Roast); Helene Reardon-Bond OBE, the Government’s former head of gender equality policy, and Dr Ger Graus OBE, director of education and partnerships at Kidzania.

The first mentees are members of community organisations such as Generation Success and Inspirational You.

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