International Women’s Day in tweets

The novelist Linda Grant marked the importance of International Women’s Day, noting how when she was applying for a store credit card in 1979, aged 28, the form had had to be signed by her husband or father.

Her tweet triggered hundreds of responses from women all over the world – showing why feminism is still important. Here are some of them:


• I told my teacher I wanted to be a lawyer. He said I should be a receptionist because I was good with people. I am a lawyer. @gemmaloughran


• Boss gave me porn calenders to give to all men in the co. I refused was nicknamed “the dragon”. I was 17. @swatsonm


• At uni (2000) advised to change my ‘feminine’ handwriting as examiners wld clock I was a woman assume I was less intelligent @elodieitv


• when I’m behind the counter @booksellercrow, I’m asked time again if “the boss” is in. My surname is Crow. @swimble


• When my father heard I was a girl, he immediately left the hospital and went to drown his sorrows. It starts so young. #iwd @sanya_sheikh


• aged 13, after playing song I’d practised all week for guitar teacher: ‘that’s pretty good for a girl.’ I never went back #IWD @michelleecgreen


• when my mum had her hysterectomy back in 1975, my father had to sign to give his permission!!! Wow … @Rosebudlia


• I work in a jewellery shop with 5 women + one man. Customers (men and women) regularly assume the man is the manager. He’s not. @Smeatooo

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