International Women’s Day: It’s not just for women

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In the fight for equality, more men should be involved in the conversation. After all, they are half of the equation.

International Women’s Day is the perfect time for you to start championing the women in your life and joining the fight for gender equality.

Each year International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8. Thousands of events occur to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women. Organisations, governments, charities, educational institutions, women’s groups, corporations and the media celebrate the day.

Below you can discover how men are helping promote, celebrate and champion women – not just on International Women’s Day, but every day:

Discover our latest HeForShe interviews

#HeForSheRead our latest interviews with senior men championing women in the workplace and fighting for gender equality.

WeAreTheCity is in support of the United Nation’s HeForShe campaign and agree with the goal of having more men and boys engaged with women’s rights as part of the gender equality debate.

We are talking to male supporters to showcase the changes they are implementing, within their businesses, in the hope that others will follow suit.

As part of the HeForShe campaign, the UN are lighting up the London Eye in HeForShe magenta at 7:30pm, opened by a special guest.

Mentor a woman within your organisation

Establishing a mentoring cultureMentoring is something that women are requesting more and more and men need to get increasingly involved.

Mentors are incredibly valuable – both to individuals and organisations. They help navigate career paths, give individual’s skills and confidence to succeed, and also facilitate the gathering and sharing of experiences and ideas.

Mentors also play an important role in helping develop and nurture diversity in the workforce, helping to instil confidence among women and minority employees and championing the important role that these individuals’ play.

Discover how to become a mentor and how to get the most from mentoring below:

Nominate an outstanding woman for a Rising Star 2019 award

Nominate-a-Rising-StarThe Rising Star Awards are now open for nominations across 20 job sectors, in addition to a Rising Star Champion Award and a Company of the Year Award to showcase individuals and companies who promote gender equality in the workplace.

Purchase a ticket for a female team member to attend the WeAreFutureLeaders Conference on 24 May 2019

WeAreTheCity is hosting its third full day leadership conference for working women.

This conference is aimed at women aspiring or already in early leadership positions who are looking to broaden their skills and grow in to their roles as future leaders.

Acknowledge your unconscious bias

scan-of-a-brain-featuredUnconscious biasness or implicit bias occurs subconsciously, it’s a series of judgements that assess people we encounter in life. Whether that be in the workplace or in the public. Many of us are not even aware of our subconscious views and how they affect the way we treat others around us. The impacts and implications for both the victim and the bias party is not always obvious. The judgements are based on background, social stereotypes, cultural identity and even our own personal experiences.

Treat a female superstar to a Careers Club portal license

Careers Club 2.0Careers Club is a members’ only portal for professional women.

Members have access to regular events, networking, online learning, downloadable resources and much more.


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