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Availexe - Smiling Business WomanThe workforce has seen a significant drop in highly skilled females who have left their roles to bring up their children as they feel unable to balance both career and family. Businesses are losing a lot of women in the prime of their career by focusing on office time and visibility rather than productivity and output. It simply does not make sense and Availexe is focussed on getting this talent back into business.

Current trends highlight an increase in remote workforces and requirements for greater agility.

We recognised that just because someone is unable to work full time does not mean that they do not want to work or cannot add value to businesses. There are some 2m women unable to work in the UK today due to ‘looking after family/home’ (ONS, 2014), 27% want to work, however not all fulltime. We are addressing the huge loss of, predominately female, talent and consequently the enormous loss to businesses and the economy, and creating a new agile way of working that has significant benefits to both businesses and individuals. Professional individuals, who are passionate about their careers, now have the opportunity to continue their development in line with their lifestyle choices.

The quality of the individuals we work with is outstanding and we are committed to only working with proven professionals who we know have the ability, desire and work ethic to complete the projects at the level required to meet our client’s needs and timeframes. They care about their own reputation in the market place as much as we do.

The majority of our consultants happen to be mums. Women who have managed successful, senior level careers and now who work flexibly to advise and support businesses, augment existing staff or undertaking turnkey projects. We do not work solely with mums; it is about individuals who have the experience and capability to deliver, whilst working in a more family friendly way. They are our USP. We have created a business model which provides a flexible and empathetic approach to working, allowing these talented individuals to continue with their careers, without sacrificing their family life, and at the same time adding enormous value and expertise to businesses across the country and economy. By working with people who are passionate and energetic about what they do, we can apply a creative and unique approach to solving our clients problems or needs.

The idea for Availexe came from the personal experiences of the 3 Co- founders in realising that there is an incredible amount of talent and expertise being wasted through a lack of genuinely flexible working opportunities. We had all experienced first-hand, from different perspectives, the difficulties in maintaining, developing or returning to your career after embarking on parenthood. We all shared common frustrations of not feeling we were getting the balance right. When I looked to return to work in a capacity that challenged, fulfilled and made it financially worthwhile for me, I started to realise the barriers and issues in returning to work on a flexible basis.

Professional individuals, who are passionate about their careers, now have the opportunity to continue their development in line with their lifestyle choices.

With expertise and first-hand experience in all elements of HR, marketing and corporate finance, Availexe provides consulting services and supplementary expertise to businesses across multiple sectors, from start-ups, to SMEs and large corporations. Businesses can avoid the overhead costs associated with hiring additional employees, yet still obtain an exceptional result. Availexe offers a unique availability of fully – vetted professionals that can provide expertise on an ‘as needed’ basis. We take the time to work with our clients to understand their needs and provide immediate options; minimising disruption and down time and maximising efficiencies. We find the out-sourced resource for the big projects; case work, sudden market changes and strategic shifts, and help organisations and individuals implement commercially viable flexible working options.

Our services are broken into 3 product offerings:
  • Consultancy: Offers expertise and experience to review clients’ organisations and offer advice, support and proposals for changes to improve performance and achieve goals.
  • Outsourced Expertise: Functional experts augment existing staff or project teams, bolstering expertise and/or covering unrepresented functions to bring a fresh, unbiased external perspective.
  • Turnkey Project Delivery: working with the client to understand their objectives, Availexe manages teams of remote experts to undertake projects from start to finish, including supporting the implementation to ensure the results are delivered.

Current trends highlight an increase in remote workforces and requirements for greater agility. Here at Availexe, we are utilising this trend to our advantage and remain one of the first-movers in this market. The UK marketplace is experiencing unprecedented rates of change and business must continually transform to successfully compete, retain and attract the best talent, or they will simply get left behind. At the centre of any business there needs to be a workforce which can evolve and adapt to the needs of the market. Flexibility is a business imperative to Availexe, helping our employees and consultants we work with manage their lives and meet their career aspirations, whilst contributing their energy and talent to our business and that of our clients.

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