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Body EditGrowing up with both parents in the sport and fitness world, I’ve tried almost every fitness method going: Aerobics, circuits, weight training, Pilates, rebounding, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, hockey, running, yoga – from the age of ten up until my mid twenties I’d pretty much tried it all!

I’ve therefore always been generally fit, healthy and slim. It wasn’t until I reached my late teens that I became more aware of the how my body looked, which in my mind was athletic bordering on pear-shaped. This is when exercise became, not just something fun that made me feel good but, also a means to creating my ‘ideal’ body shape.

To cut a long story short, nothing (besides gymnastics during my teens) really got my body looking and feeling like I wanted it to…That was until, I discovered ‘barre’ classes whilst living in America.

I’d never heard of barre methods before, but an advert in my gym sold it to me saying, ‘Get the dancers’ body you’ve always wanted’. I thought to myself, actually dancers do have great figures whatever their natural shape and build; they have this fluid, balanced, healthy silhouette with a strong but elegant posture – that’s what I want!

Fold over picWithin a couple of months of starting the barre classes this is exactly what I got and I was hooked! I felt as though my body was finally in sync – strong and balanced, lean but not skinny, with no bulky, lumpy areas. For the first time, when I looked in the mirror, I actually felt completely happy with my body – that quiet (but nasty) voice in my head that often said things like: ‘Your bum looks good but your thighs look big’ or ‘Your stomach sticks out’…‘Your hips look chunky’ – had gone!

Over time I realized it wasn’t only the physical results that kept me going back for more; I loved how invigorated and supple I felt after class along with the fact that I didn’t worry about what I ate anymore because the lean muscle I’d created burnt far more calories than the other forms of exercise I’d tried and continued to do so even when I wasn’t exercising!

After 3 years of attending barre classes, I left New York and returned to London. At the time I couldn’t find any barre classes in London, so I started training myself at home using various barre method DVDs.

I spent a number of years studying and experimenting with the many methods, moves and variations which led me to combine and modify the best techniques, designing my own versions to develop an extremely effective overall workout.

It was during this phase that I realised I was so passionate about this type of exercise and movement training that I wanted to develop my own method recognising that I had a unique opportunity to create something new and exciting for people in the UK – And so the BODY EDIT method was born!

Now, 3 years on, I’m busy training private clients and teaching classes in Central London. During this time the focus of my work has evolved organically based on the people who have been drawn to work with me and where I feel I can be of best service.

As a result, I recently launched the BODY RESET Program designed to create mind-body transformation from the inside out. I felt the need to offer clients a holistic service, looking at nutrition, body image, and detoxification of the system in addition to the muscular bodywork that is the foundation of my method.


The BODY RESET 3 month program connects you to your body and mind – Practical physical training sessions and a holistic approach will create a radical shift and give you lifelong health, fitness & well-being tools:


BODY EDIT is a new-wave barre method that sculpts, tightens and realigns your entire body. You’ll see quick results, fat-burning is increased and your metabolism is boosted for hours after your workout. This is an intelligent approach to fitness. Safe, effective and suitable for all ages.

  • Long, lean muscles
  • A balanced physique
  • Increased metabolism
  • Cardio endurance
  • Increased flexibility
  • A Strong, tight core
  • Rounder, more lifted seat
  • A proportionate body
  • Increased bone density

Food changes everything. When we give our bodies foods and drinks that nourish and support us, we have the energy and clarity to do everything we want to do. No one diet works for everyone; a bio-individual approach is best. Food is the gateway to making even bigger changes in our lives, bringing us more happiness and vitality.

  • Boost your health & overall well-being
  • Release cravings or addictions
  • Integrate new foods & learn the foods that best serve you
  • Create a healthy relationship with food
  • Heal and manage physical ailments in a sustainable way
  • Body confidence through self-love & acceptance
  • Practice a higher level of self-care

I truly believe that health and well-being depends on the way we move, the food we eat and the thoughts we think, and I wanted to make sure with my clients that no stone was left unturned as every aspect of our health is completely interrelated.

To work with me one-on-one I’m offering WATC members an exclusive 10% saving on the BODY EDIT:RESET 3-month program starting January 2015.

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For more information about our method, classes and for FAQs please contact us or go to our website.


Kate Horwood


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