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Award winning entrepreneurs Lara Morgan and Nicola Cook, who head up London based sales acceleration agency, Company Shortcuts, have made it their mission to be the catalyst for ambitious business owners, sales leaders and their teams to achieve fast growth.

“Growth all boils down to increased sales and although the focus is often pinned directly on a particular team’s performance, they are only one part of the jigsaw to create a fast growth Sales Engine, therefore we always look at the business as a whole” says CEO and Chief Opportunity Officer Nicola. “We work alongside the leadership to help them refine their profitable growth Strategy, support them in building and developing their very best Team, before equipping everyone with the systems, Tools and Tactics needed to create scale. Find out more here.

Building scalable profitable Sales Engines.

Lara-Morgan-and-Nicola-Cook“It always begins with the leadership” said Lara Morgan, Founder and Chief Big Potato . “Then, it’s about getting the right people on your bus. You can have the best technology in the world but if your sales team is not wired to sell strategically and with passion, then it’s going to eat into your profit.”

“Once you have a clear strategy, strong leadership and the right team in place,” said Nicola “then you need to build a scalable solution for your sales operation using a systematic approach to implementing templates, and frameworks – which is what lies at the core of Company Shortcuts ethos. Why go through the learning curve on your own, when you can tap into proven Company Shortcuts which get you where you want to be faster and with less stress”.

“We teach hundreds of people every year our innovative sales acceleration model (S.A.M.) which we’ve developed through our combined 50+ years in the field” adds Nicola.

Amoungst other services, they offer skills Masterclasses in London that anybody can attend and Sales Secrets Academies delivered in-house for larger sales teams.

“Our customer focused, fun and easy to apply methodology delivers exceptional, profitable results for ambitious companies and individuals,” Lara continues. “Every time we share our model, without fail, we see the ‘penny drop’ and people continue to feedback how life changing it is to finally find a scaleable model that works with their team and for their business”.

Route to success

One route they take with clients is through a Sales Success Business Review which is delivered directly with the leadership team working through their KPIs, strategy and vision. Another option is their Business Accelerator Leadership Programme where individuals join a group of like-minded peers and over a period of 6mnths work with a team of experts, who walk them through the key components of the S.A.M. model.

Emma Carter, Sales Director of Excalibur Communications says: “The rewards will present themselves to you from day one. Excalibur has achieved strong growth as a result of our time working with Company Shortcuts. But it’s no easy ride. You have to put in the work too.”

Another recent graduate of the Business Accelerator Leadership programme, Matt Earle of Thinkbox Consulting says, “Their approach differentiates them. It’s not just theory – you are set up for immediate action and it impacts your business straight away. Best investment you’ll make in your life and in your business.”

For business owners like Kevin Embleton from Concept IT, doing the Leadership Programme has kick-started his company again. “I can’t believe the growth we’ve got! It’s phenomenal. Even the geeks are getting excited about growth now too!”

Nicola and Lara have seen first hand the life changing impact on business owners and their teams. Through their support they have already equipped hundreds of participants with the tools to fine tune Sales Engines in businesses across UK and Europe. Consistently seeing 50-100% sales increases within months of engagement. But don’t take our word for it – take a look at their Youtube channel and watch their clients share their own experiences.

How it all started

Lara Morgan, who was recently named as one of the UK’s Maserati 100 (entrepreneurs who give back – founded Company Shortcuts after her successful exit from Pacific Direct in 2008. Selling the business for £20m. Lara set up Company Shortcuts, with the aim of sharing the experience and knowledge she gained whilst growing the UK’s 57th fastest growing independently owned company.

Nicola Cook, joined forces with Lara in January 2013 to help Company Shortcuts extend its reach and to develop more products, services and live events. From a blue-chip background and an award-winning entrepreneur and sales expert in her own right, Nicola has authored two international best-selling books A New You and The Secrets of Success in Selling.

With the support of their amazingly passionate team Lara and Nicola are adding huge growth to their client’s businesses through their Business Blast afternoons of inspiration and networking, the six month Business Accelerator Leadership Programme, Company Shortcuts Frameworks, Sales Skills Masterclasses and their in-house Sales Secrets Academies and other consultancy .

“If you want to accelerate your business growth but have struggled to create scalability in your sales function, successfully introduce profitable process or recruit and develop teams of highly skilled ‘SalesBlazers’, then we can help you”, says Nicola.

Join them at their next event or email [email protected] for more information.

June Events

Business Blast – Adapting to Changing Buyer Behaviour

18th June – 2.30pm – 5pm

Supported by the latest industry research, network & listen to 4 industry experts share a wealth of experience & knowledge on how you need to adapt your Sales Engine to meet the changing needs of your buyer’s behaviour.

  • Tamara Littleton: previously manager of online at BBC, now CEO, Emoderation
  • Grant Leboff: marketing strategist and bestselling author of Sticky Marketing
  • Richard Teideman: serial entrepreneur & award winner for his work in digital & ecommerce
  • Nicola Cook: award winning entrepreneur & #1 author on professional selling & business growth

Sales Secrets Masterclass – the fundamentals of selling

25 June – One day

Lively and interactive, in just 1 day improve your sales conversion and profitability with our tried and tested sales training masterclass.

Sales Secrets Masterclass – Social Selling for B2B

26 June – Half Day

Sales representatives who actively engage in social selling are shown to outperform their peers by 74%. In a three hour masterclass discover how to use the social tools available to nurture and win the mindshare of your prospects, and how to develop valued relationships with your customers.

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