Introducing Guest Blogger: Duda Does | Professional Organiser

Tell us about your background? Professional & personal

Duba DoesI am Croatian, born in Germany, 35 years old have an MA in Sociology and Culture. Age 32 I reached the position of Marketing Director in The City. Since then I run 2 companies and started with £2000 in my account.

As I child I played cello and have been a professional singer, dancer and songwriter since the age of 6. I speak Croatian, German and English fluent and understand Spanish and Ukranian/Russian well. I travelled nearly the world and I write in my free time. I am addicted to books and am a great devotee of real entrepreneurism. I believe in personal growth and am happy to be who I am.

What is your proudest achievement?

Starting my first business ‘duda does’ after becoming homeless on a friend’s couch in the middle of recession in 2009 and after recovering from a difficult break up.

Who is your female inspiration?

I don’t have a female inspiration per se, I do admire women who are brave enough not to conform and who embrace all talents and charms of being a woman and free of following rules. My only inspiration in entrepreneurism is Steve Jobs.

How did you get into being a Life Organiser?

Since my move to London in 2006 I observed lifestyles of career driven Londoners and combined it in 2009 with my strong will of running my own business where I wanted to use my unique skills set and what I enjoy the most – organising and solving problems for other people who struggle with time or lack of information.

What is your top tip for starting a business?

Get to know yourself, always trust your gut instinct and don’t follow other people’s paths or compare yourself – you have your own path.

What would you like to achieve over the next 12 months?

My business grew organically but faster than expected and as a consequence expended over 2 companies that feed each other. My goal for the next year is to tackle the future employments and expand our hand-picked team with 2 additional members of staff.

Duda is blogging this next week so look out for her blog!

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