Introducing Guest Blogger: Faye Lawrence | Travel Chick

Tell us about your background? Professional & personal

Faye LawrenceMy background is really varied, my travel obsession started at a very young age and became more than just a niggle at the age of 19 when I left my job on P&O Ferries and jumped on a plane to Greece with a weeks wages in my pocket.

Needless to say I learned very quickly that money doesn’t last long and although I managed to support myself through work over the next four years, my mum rescued me from more than a few sticky situations. I spent those years working and learning to dive following a chance encounter with a poster on a lamppost, this eventually turned into a career and I managed to take myself around Europe and to Asia working as a Dive Guide, Underwater Videographer and Bar Person.

One day I decided I felt like a change, if you asked me why I couldn’t tell you, but nonetheless I left Thailand and came back to the UK, reaching a crossroads in my life I eventually decided to go to university, since then I have focused on my career in PR and Writing, and have travelled as much as I can given time and budget limits (I take a minimum of three trips away a year!)

Who is your female inspiration?

My female inspiration is definitely my mum, who runs a successful business. She works hard but still manages to get in a lot of travel abroad. I think it’s fantastic and definitely good for the soul when you are able to have that work-life balance.

What is the best place you have visited?

It’s a cliché but I really have loved most of the places I have been in different ways, that being said, Australia was amazing, I could totally live there.

What sort of thing can we expect to find in your blog?

My blog will generally be anything travel related, from information on cool new destinations and hotels, to my experiences of some of the places I have been, to general news in the world of travel.

What would you like to achieve over the next 12 months?

I would really love to be able to continue writing in a travel capacity, to develop my editorial skills as much as I can and of course visit some amazing places!

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  1. diane

    Do you know what’s even better for the soul? Going to different countries to do charity work