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My body age defines an important part of me. I am 68 yrs. old.  My generation of hippies, the Beatles, free sex, and pot marked a spirit of rebellion and transcendence that still, in a way, characterizes me.  Its passion and my own brand of longing took me to India where I spent twelve years of my life in communion with a world I had secretly harboured in childhood but never trusted, and had been afraid to reveal.


From Puerto Rico in the Caribbean, I come from a mixed culture of old Spanish values and newfangled American ideals, of deep ancient inner currents of mystical shamanism honed by a disciplined ambition that persistently pushes me forward.


I have pioneered with those unique inner experiences and traditions dear to me, combining them over the years with psychotherapeutic skills I obtained in many trainings of the 60’s and 70’s.  I founded a complex, The Inner Alchemy Centre in Brazil (see my curriculum) that covered five areas related to the exploration and discovery of Self.  When it was time, I left it to my trainees and set my course to Spain and Europe.

At first I just wanted to live, space out, be “normal”, but soon became involved, as ever, in teaching.  I wanted to do something that would make tangible difference in our world rather than satisfy the curiosity of the few.  Two years ago I found what it was that I wanted to be when I finally grew up.

To work with women.

I longed to apply all that I had learned and explored concretely, in a very natural way.  To unravel the abstract complexities of spaced out esoteric jargon trimmed with silk flowers and put it in ways that women could actually use. Because, I can say with all conviction: women are the key.  We (as full women) are what has been missing in the world.  The authentic feminine offers a solution that has not yet materialized.

Our common mind doesn’t understand it because this element is not rational, and women don’t really talk about it.  By and large women are deeply insecure; we imitate and adapt or compete with patterns given to us, rather than dive off that “deep end” where we actually live and feel, emerge and create.


I appeal to the woman of today – she is the one I want to reach – the woman who lives in cities and does ordinary things.  Once we can discover just how we are wired and once we give credence to the enormous scope of possibilities we are capable of manifesting, we can and will change the world with the power and originality that define the Feminine Principle.  This is my song now.

I’ve started a movement called MMD which stands for both a number (2500 AD) and the capital letters for “Mujeres que Marcan la Diferencia”, in English “woMen who Make a Difference”.   It is still new.

I believe women know all we need to know already; we feel it and are moving towards it.  But, it is still unformulated. The problem is that there is no instruction booklet and, unfortunately, we still look for instructions. I propose to write this booklet in Time – together.  Maybe I have the experience and the key but you have the means to reach out and implement it.


Who is my female inspiration?  There are so many!

Every time I see a woman in power and I hear her talk about “feeling” rather than “thinking”.  I admire the drive that brings her to world prominence, the daring spirit to stand for fairness, whatever the cost.  The fact that woman rarely sells out.

These women reveal me to myself. That which calls for acknowledgement as a being, in my difference, but also in my desire to play and teach and blend and love my fellow men, without competition but with a formidable strength – the kind that we’ve called “faith”, but that is a tangible force inside us, the kind that moves mountains.


My book, “The Inner Woman” is about the answers I intuited for many years but never quite dared expose.  Meanwhile I wrote other more “normal” books.  Until one day I said, “enough!” and revised and published the writings from that heart space of intimacy.

The book is meant to be a Call.  The ensuing blog (, meetings, groups and retreats are the How.


The Kitchen Table Talks are meant to be many and about various topics.  The point is to speak naturally, simply, honestly, as women speak to women and we all speak to one another in the kitchen.


I would like to see my message spread.  Yet, it is a herculean feat convincing women (especially) that my message is not about “doing” but about “being” and that this is the force that determines all results.  I would like us to come together like we never have before, to harness the tremendous force that, united, can radically influence the world through might potent thought forms.

I would like to create Round Tables of women worldwide, bringing together professionals and laywomen from everywhere, to speak with that heartfelt quality that shames the world into the observance of true inner values.  Values that women know and live and feel and defend all too secretly, for fear of reprisals.  We “have come a long way” but we are, in a sense, just beginning to grasp what woman is, and that is very, very different from what we have been told we are, or even very different from what we think we ought to be.  It is unprecedented.

Truth is that we can be anything and do anything once we have tapped the true essence of our power, the essence of THE FEMININE PRINCIPLE (subject I address at the T.C.C.E. in London in August).

I don’t know how far or how concretely my dream will actually unfold, but I know its implications are monumental and its principles will definitely change the world.

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