Introducing luxury jewellery brand XiN

Created by award-winning designer Xin Ran Lu, fine jewellery brand XiN has recently launched in the UK and we’re completely in love. With four collections – Shan-Shi, Matrix, She and Star and combing Eastern philosophy and iconography with crafts and techniques of the West the range includes a beautiful mix of cocktail rings, bracelets, necklaces as well as stud and drop earrings.

Each item within this unique range is digitally sculptured using an innovative production technique before being carefully filed, polished and hand-finished to create a stunning piece of jewellery. On top of that, all pieces can be customised upon request to truly create something one-of-a-kind.

As mentioned, there are four collections:


Chinese for ‘mountain lion’, the Shan-Shi collection represents female strength and power. Curves are translated into bold lines, creating on-trend geometric silhouettes to play on the sense of power and poise.

2013 Shan-Shi Leather Curve


XiN’s Matrix range takes inspiration from the study of objects exhibiting fractal dimensions. Playing with ‘self-similar’ patterns (meaning the image is the same from near or far) the collection embodies exquisite mathematical creations to outshine even the smartest of minds.

2014 MATRIX Signature WGDIA


Stunning jewel-adorned hexagrams are used to represent the ‘star’, portraying strength, ability and courage in accordance with the mandala symbol (a spiritual symbol representing the universe) as found in ancient south Indian Hindu temples. A hexagram signifies the perfect state of meditative balance between Man and God. Each intricately crafted ‘star’ is positioned to create movement, maximising the beautiful sparkle and romance from each precious gem.

XiN - star signature ring 1.02 - £780


From the Chinese pronunciation of snake, SHE takes inspiration from the Chinese legend that the mother of humankind was a female with a human’s head and a snake’s body. The commissioned-based only piece embodies feminine elegance and sexuality to create the ultimate statement.

We’re definitely coveting XiN, it’s an extremely desirable collection and any piece would most certainly add that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any outfit.

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