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“It’s my goal, through to make business travel both safe and social for women”


Hi, I’m Carolyn Pearson.  I founded after being in LA on a business trip. Unfortunately, I was there alone and as much as I wanted to go out and explore the cool nightspots and restaurants, it wasn’t something I felt I could do alone, so I’ve created a network through which women can connect safely whilst on business travel and go out and explore, perhaps have dinner in great company.

Prior to launching I’ve always worked in IT for some amazing brands such as ITV. the BBC, Sony Music, KLM and easyJet.  I’m a socialble creature, love people and connecting them where I can and I particularly like to inspire and help women achieve their career goals, especially in the male dominated world of IT.  My greatest passion is travel however so combining technology, travel and helping women to create has been an absolute delight.

As a result of my role as CEO of I also write travel features for other travel blogs and magazines and often get asked to review luxury hotels around the world.  When I’m not ‘swanning around and socialising’ I love to horse ride, sail and babble away in Dutch and French.

What to expect on the blog

On this blog we’ll be asking our members to share their travel adventures and tell you all about the cool places they have discovered.

Next 12 months

I would like to have a ambassador in 100 cities around the world; somebody who is travel savvy, knowledgeable about their city and who loves to help other women. Each ambassador will help us to find great, local female friendly hotels, great hairdressers, spa?s, nail bars, shopping and other cool outlets to recommend to our members visiting her city. They will also be our point of contact for questions from members and help us to expand the network out into their local city and womens networks.

Tell us more about, how does it work and how do you keep it secure?

Registration to is free and we call all ladies to keep the network strictly female only.  Once we’ve spoken to you we will activate your account for networking so that you can enter your travel dates and securely contact other members and arrange to meet up.

As well as the networking faciliity, we also recommend Female Friendly Hotels, Travel Safety Tips and we work with a range of Travel, Beauty and Fashion partners.  If you are travelling to an ‘edgy’ destination, you can check out our travel blogs written by women who have experience working in or travelling to these areas.

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About the author

Carolyn Pearson is our Travel blogger and founder of is an award winning global business travel network for professional women. Follow Maiden-Voyage: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In

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