Coach: Nicola Huelin | Business & Career Coach, CEO Mums

CEO Mums Do you feel torn between your family and work, wish you had greater flexibility?

Do you feel stress by everything you juggle on a daily basis, wish you had more balance and control?

Do you feel dis-empowered in your job, perhaps a loss of confidence or feel you have hit a glass ceiling?

Founder of CEO Mums, I help mothers achieve the success in career and business they truly want AND create a family lifestyle they love!

Who are CEO Mums?

CEO Mums are passionate about motherhood and succeeding in business or career and having a great lifestyle at the same time. The women I work with take on the challenge of having a successful career, or building a great business without having to compromise on being a great Mum, and don’t want to get there simply through any of the three life-sucking S’s: Struggle, Self-sacrifice or having to be Superwoman! I help women who are committed mothers, but who are also talented professional woman who are passionate about what they do and want to make their unique contribution by reaching their full potential in business or in their career, whilst finding and sustaining a balance which is right for them and their loved ones, for example:

  • Career-committed mothers working in the corporate, public or not-for-profit sector
  • Stay-at-home-Mums with a desire to return to work after maternity leave or a career break
  • Entrepreneurial women wanting to start a successful lifestyle business
  • Business owners or self-employed women who want to grow their business, find more clients or generally make more of an impact


  • Locations: The City, London and South East England.
  • Coaching Profile: Life, Executive, Networking

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