Introducing…The Fold, professionally chic women’s fashion

The Fold designs, produces and retails fashion-forward clothes for professionally chic women to wear to work. Polly and Cheryl are the Creative Designers of The Fold and work with highly trained fashion designers to bring their vision to reality.

The Fold is truly passionate that you should feel inspired and confident when you walk into any board-room, interview or presentation. You live in your work clothes for 60 hours a week (yes, we understand), so you should love them as much as you love your favourite cocktail dress. Never settle for average – inject some emotional reward into your working wardrobe, and start shopping with The Fold.

The Fold is proud to design and manufacture all their garments locally, in the UK. The UK has an amazing heritage in designing and producing cutting-edge, top-quality garments, and they want to keep it that way. London is a hub of new, edgy designers and London Fashion Week continues to hold its own among Paris, Milan and New York.

Their Look Book is stunning, their lines are really affordable and they really get us City women

Their fabrics are amazing: sourced from the best that Italy and the UK have to offer, you will feel truly indulged in fabulous silk, wools and jerseys as you “wow” your team in the office.

So what is great about the Fold?

Well for one their Look Book is stunning, their lines are really affordable and they really get us City women – Their designs are just what we like and really fit in with the office and a night out.  The other great point we need to tell you about the Fold, is that they bring the style to you, with their unique fashion show and pop up shop that can be in your house, office or anywhere you organise.  They are such nice ladies, you just feel they are just part of your party.

The Founders

Cheryl and Polly are the founding force behind The Fold. Two high-flying women, who shared a passion for fashion and lacklustre experiences of shopping for fabulous outfits to wear to work. Polly and Cheryl met during their MBAs at London Business School, and founded The Fold in January 2011. They both know what it takes to make it to the top.

Cheryl is a Harvard grad, with blue-chip brand management pedigree from P&G where she worked to revolutionise high-end beauty care brands in Australasia. She flies the flag for the international business woman, having lived in the Hong Kong, Taipei, Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Jakarta, Melbourne and now New York!

Polly comes from the competitive world of consulting & finance, with a Cambridge PhD in molecular biology tucked in her The Fold leopard-print pocket. Polly has lived through those long hours behind a financial model and consulting presentations. She is thrilled to now be in the creative world of fashion.

Log onto their site here to find out more – Also see where The Fold are joining us at some fantastic events!

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  1. Z

    this video is such a good video and good on you for making it im finding it really hard to dress for my body at the moment and this video really helped !!!!