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This week I sat next to a 28 year old who was struggling with work/life balance.

Perennial problem. She was in the office that morning at 8 and got home at 8 pm .. then woke up at 3 am because she realised there was a letter she had forgotten to post. She loves her job, finds it both challenging and satisfying and is doing well. And her partner understands her need to carve out a career but, she said, she could see he was getting cheesed off because even at weekends she liked to work at her computer. Also when she got home at night, all she wanted was to get to bed… to sleep.

Recognise this?   So what’s the answer? Is there one if you are locked into an absorbing career and you have an aspirational character?

Share your stories please — in the comment box below. Let’s see if we can come up with some solutions or compromises for surely there must be some.

A hint or two …

Always include a tub of Paw Paw in your home. It’s an Australian ointment (get it online) and if you have a scratch as I did last week cutting a kamikaze rose, apply a small amount and the sore, blister, rash or burn disappears in a day or less (depends on size and severity of course).

Same goes for aloe vera. While on Grenada I developed a mysterious rash on my arms. The hotel receptionist sent someone up the mountain and he brought back a aloe vera leaf. He stripped the outer skin and applied the jelly-like substance underneath this to my arms. The rash was gone the next morning.

They told me products containing this miracle stuff had only a minute amount whereas the plant had 100% of it. So when I got home I bought a plant online. My body is therefore free of scratches, rashes or blisters.

… and a grumble

I cannot tell you the numbers of times I scramble around looking for the blasted mobile phone – and often get to it when, of course, the call has been missed.  Most times I find my mobile by ringing the landline then pose like a meerkat, straight back, ears flapping trying to dioscover from which direction the ringing comes ….

Why don’t they make mobile phones in bright fluorescent colours?

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