Is your image doing you and your business justice?

beauty womenAs fickle as it may seem, first impressions really do go a VERY long way. In fact people make a judgement on us in the first 7 seconds, as you can imagine not much can be said in 7 seconds the way you look, dress and present yourself is vital for the success of your business. Now have a think about your website, linked In profile, Facebook business page, Twitter…the list goes on. No doubt your face is on some of those platforms. Does your profile picture represent a fair image of you? Time and time again I see photo’s on peoples business profiles that do not do them justice and more often than not, people do not realise how much of an impact this may have on their business.

Let me fill you in…

If you make a bad first impression, it takes a subsequent 8 good interactions with that person for them to change their opinion of you…WOW!! So now, can you see how that first impression through your profile picture is CRITICAL to your success?

Make up is a completely different ball game when it comes to photography. Lighting can wash you out and may highlight things you don’t necessarily want to be highlighted!

I have been working on a lot of photo shoots recently with female business owners who are adding the personal element of a headshot to their website and want to make sure they create the best first impression on their social media platforms. If you are looking to do the same thing and want to ensure that your make up doesn’t end up looking all washed out or worse yet, like CoCo the clown, these top tips may be of use:

1) Go about 30% more intense with your blusher, shadow and mascara. Outdoor and studio lighting zap the colour. If you look in the mirror and it looks too much, you are on the right track

2) Blend, blend and blend some more! Lines look twice as harsh through a camera lens so blend eyeshadows and blushers well

3) Highlight and contour. This is going to emphasise parts of your face and create a fabulous bone structure…no more double chins…hurrah! You can literally transform the shape of your face through clever contouring and highlighting. All you need to do is google contouring and you can watch tutorials galore (watch this space for my own up and coming tutorials!)

4) Cut the shimmer. Shimmer tends to look very reflective in photos. Use matte eyeshadows instead.

5) Add colour to your lips. Even if you love a nude lip, in photos it will look bland and you will look lipless! This is even more important in black and white pictures

6) Whack on the mascara. Pump those lashes up for pictures. You don’t want clumpy lashes so making sure you have a good mascara that defines and thickens is vital. My all time favourite is Arbonne’s ‘It’s a long story’ Mascara. See the difference here:

MascaraLashes galore!

7) Set with a translucent setting powder. Oil and shine are magnified by the camera lens and you need your make up to stay put! There is nothing worse than having the dreaded shiny forehead and nose in a photo

And finally…to show you the true power of make up…dare I do it?! Go on then…this is a very rare thing for me to do but I wanted to show that make up can really work wonders so here is a before and after selfie that I recently posted on my own business facebook page:

Transfromation tuesday makeup

Now can you see why I LOVE make up?!

If you have any questions or need some help updating your profile with some fabulous new flawless pictures of yourself, feel free to get in touch [email protected]

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