It can be done – Ask Kerry Washington, “Scandal” Star

HiResA lot of folks think Ms Patti Stanger and I are crazy when we think we can aim for the ring within a year. But here’s another proof from our books of people that we admire  – Kerry Washington! The Scandal Star!

OK so here are a few things I picked up from what I see from Ms Kerry’s road from single accomplished to a married gem.

– It can all be done in a year

When I share with folks (the ones with guys, married or single), they think I’m a bit barmy that I think I will meet a guy this year and plan my wedding the next! But hold on, I personally know a few ladies who did just that and bingo here’s another example. Truth be told  in my 20s when I was still figuring out who Mandy is and what she would like to do I wouldn’t have dreamed about doing the full circle in a year!  It was way out of the question. Fast forward into my 30something year, I’ve done most of the things that I wanted to do although it’s fair to say I still have a few to chase  and I feel ready to do this now! And that’s a whole lot better than taking a chance in my 20s.

– You can be 35+ and still get married

Well, what can I say to that? In today’s world, being in your 30′s and still single can be challenge. Instead of being celebrated for who you are  and being celebrated for your hard work, you end up becoming a case study for your so called happily married friends, family and these days your colleagues. Then you start stressing that there is indeed something wrong with you! Wait! Really?! Girl there’s nothing wrong with you being 30 or 35+, single and still looking for your guy! On the bright side, you probably do know yourself better now that you’re a bit older! So relax!

– You can be very accomplished and still get married!

Ms Kerry is such an inspiration. She’s doing her own thing, got her career sorted out and she still did it!  As far as taking good leaves out of other people’s good books,  you, girlfriend,  can have both worlds – your career could be all sorted out, alongside a super fabulous love life that could lead to the marriage that you want.

– There really is nothing wrong in dating a younger guy

Assuming he’s matured in the head, as I see Ms Kerry’s beau is! ;)

– Keep schtum 

Unless you write the Single Girl’s Guide to Dating :) . But seriously, sometimes we talk too much! Word!  With things like this, girl hmmm… keep it really below the radar! When you’ve really sorted out the nitty gritty stuff and maybe ready to set into your monogamous stage with a rock and a date in tow, then you can shout about it! We all need to learn to keep certain things on a  ’need to know’ basis ;)

So thanks Kerry, you’ve shown us that it can all be done within a year!




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