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The events of this month are truly shattering, as in glass ceilings exploding!
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With thanks to Raleigh International – photo by Clive Totman

A Lord Mayor of the City who is only the second woman in 800 years to hold the office, and the appointment of a DPP also female, also only the second woman. On the 13th of November: Women of the Future Awards. The largest national search for exceptionally talented women. The next generation of high-flying women across nine industries, including technology, media, business, arts and science.

Is the future Female?

Putting on  on her red robe and gold chain and riding through the city of London in her Parade,  Fiona Woolf is certainly visible!  Also, one hopes, newsworthy. Only the second time there has been a woman as Lord Mayor of the City of London. Although there have been 686. Not a role model for young women, in her sixties, rather an inspiration for mature, experienced women, Fiona Woolf , accompanied by a float from Age UK and this year is the first time that women in the city have had a float.

As an energy Consultant, her very topical theme: The energy to transform lives includes: Raleigh International working with poor in rural areas, and Working Chance which gives opportunities for employment to women recently out of prison.

Perhaps we are looking in the wrong place looking at women on boards, or  “everyday sexism”, women with power, may be more relevant. Cherie Blaire is backing female talent. Women of the Future Awards takes place on 13 November in London.   The largest national search for exceptionally talented women. As Patron Cherie Blair has said:  Young women are “vital” in the quest for equality.

“Celebrating these women will encourage others to follow in their footsteps, to pursue their dreams, and help inspire female leaders of the future.”

Natasha McElhone - Wikipaedia
Natasha McElhone – Wikipaedia

At the Wired conference, last month, an interesting proposition, and a question.

“It’s time to find an app for gender equality”  Natasha McElhone speaking. Actress , writer and mother of 3 boys; she is also an inspiration, to women, mothers, and all generations.

“Why have we allowed Brazilians and vajazzling to become the new Chinese foot binding? We should be pouring the same energy into hacking gender stereotypes as we do when disrupting any other sector.”

Finally Alison Saunders DFF makes clear her intentions:

Alison Saunders CBE courtesy of Crown Prosecution Service
Alison Saunders CBE courtesy of Crown
Prosecution Service

“I’m very excited about the next five years. The focus is going to be on issues such as violence against women where the work I’ve done in London is really going to help.”

An extract from the press release from her office, the Crown Prosecution Service, who also supplied the pictures:

“New DPP begins term with promise to victims. Better communications with victims goes to the very core of what justice is meant to achieve. One bad experience as a result of confusing and unsympathetic correspondence from us can undermine someone’s confidence in the whole system and we need the confidence of those it serves. Victims need empathy and respect, not jargon and judgment.”

This sounds to me like a woman talking. So currently we have role models for all generations, and some things to think about.  Where do you think women have most influence for social change?

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City Eye became interested in Overlooked and Overshadowed women, both in contemporary times and through out history. The former would include the women passed over for the Nobel in favour of their male colleagues. The later would be the wives of famous men, such as Mrs. Mandela. Her study of women written out of history, led her to interviews with interesting and inspirational women, (and some men). Extracts will be published in the articles. In no way is this men versus women, as to who is better. Simply that an overly macho, military, testosterone fueled environment, mainly men, needs the balancing attributes, often, though not exclusively, assigned to women: caring, conciliation, communication. Find out more: City Eye Blog ©christina

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