#ITalkSex campaign hopes to break down the taboo around female sexuality

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A new campaign has been launched hoping to break down taboos around female sexuality and to get more women talking openly.

The #ITalkSex campaign, launched by Scarlet Ladies, is encouraging and empowering women to have the confidence to talk about their bodies, accept their desires and put a stop to prejudice, ignorance and stereotyping.

The campaign aims to bring together women from all walks of life and Scarlet Ladies believe that women need to discuss how they are feeling, what they need and what they have gone through.

It is also hoped that the campaign will give women the confidence to accept and love themselves for who they really are.

Women have already begun to share their reasoning for supporting the campaign, including because they love it, because they were raped, for gender equality and to stop abuse.

The campaign will be officially launched on 23 August with a photo exhibition of images captured

Scarlet Ladies, the organisation behind the initiative, is a community of women committed to destigmatising the conversation around female sexuality for the good of women everywhere.

Founded by Jannette Davies and Sarah Belifuss, Scarlett Ladies believe that sexuality is a natural part of being human, and that society makes it tough for women to embrace that side of themselves.

Jannette Davies, co-founder, said, “As women, we all know we need to invest time in our careers, responsibilities, relationships and friendships – but how often do we invest time in ourselves?”

“The #ITalkSex campaign helps women from all backgrounds to open their minds, accept and celebrate themselves for the beautiful, sexual human beings that they are.”

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