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As you know I had a strict budget to stick to and in order to make sure I didn’t over spend I decided to do most of the stationary for the wedding myself. Including the invites and menus.  Funny thing is at the moment I haven’t finished everything but I still have 6ish weeks to go so I’m not stressing too much hehe.

I’m a freelance graphic designer so I have all the necessary software to really make the stationery look professional but don’t let that put you off you can use word or publisher to create a similar affect.


Leonnie InvitesI did a lot of research into these, working out the costings for getting them done by someone else with personalised printing as well as me sourcing the stock and printing them myself. In the end doing it myself was a clear winner the price worked out less than half the cost. So I sourced the stock I wanted from Ebay and My colour scheme is ivory and purple so I opted for Ivory Broderie material with purple backing card. I threw in some gold glitter spray and also purchased some Double Sided Pearlescent paper which is stunning. I will say using my rubbish printer at home was a bit of a nightmare but I got there in the end. To finish them off I purchased some Cadbury purple ribbon, pre-cut purple card butterflies and of course some gems to add a bit of sparkle. The hardest thing was working out the sizes and sitting for hours cutting all the individual pieces of paper out but if you can get your bridesmaids and family involved it will be easier for you.

I did them myself with a little bit of help from Matt but trust me get some help, maybe make a night of it with some wine thrown in.


Leonnies menuThese were simple all I had to do was decide on the size and I opted for A5. I used the same purple backing card as I did for the invites and also the same pearlescent paper. Again it took a while cutting everything out and attaching them but I really enjoyed this. I love the design I created and with the added gems they look great.

Table Names

I can’t tell you the theme for our table names as it’s a surprise for our guests but I’m using the same design/materials as the menus and invites. I’ll reveal all after the wedding.

Table Plan

This I haven’t even started yet. I have the idea of what I want to do but I keep putting it off as its going to take me days to pull this off. The stock I’m using is A1 size Ivory Broderie card. This is massive I then have 10 tables so I have to create 10 separate rectangles to go onto the A1 card. I’ll use the pearlescent paper and the purple card as backing. The pain is going to be getting them in the perfect position they have to be completely lined up so wish me luck.

I have about 4 rulers and god knows what else to help me but it’s still going to test me but I do love a challenge.

Table Names And Favour Boxes

I ordered these from a supplier on ebay, they are plain white with a purple butterfly on them. I’m going to spray them lightly with the gold glitter spray so they tie in with everything else. Poor matt has been assigned to writing all the names on the tags hehe.

And he thought he got off lightly haha.

Post Box

I ordered this really cheaply off ebay.

Have you guessed yet I LOVE ebay hehe.

It’s plain white so I’m going to spray it with my fairy gold glitter spray and adorn it with Cadbury purple ribbon, some gems and personalise it with a nice label using the pearly paper and purple backing card. I’ve also got some gorgeous butterflies to attach as well.


If you plan on doing your own stationery my biggest bit of advice is purchase GLUE DOTS these things are incredible. I tried wet glu and let me tell you it was a nightmare it made the paper and card buckle. Glue dots are wicked you just attach them and you end up with a smooth non-wet finished piece. Not sure what I would have done without those things.

You really can save a lot of money doing your own stationery BUT it’s very time intensive. If you have the time then I’d definitely suggest doing it all yourself, saves money and it’s a really nice feeling to be able to say to your guests I did them myself. They will no doubt be really impressed and it’s the personal added touches that really make a wedding stand out for me.

If you have any questions or if you want some ideas please feel free to contact me [email protected].

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