Coach: Jacky Baz | Life, Executive, Profile and Corporate Coach

Corporate CoachDo you live for the weekend? Do you feel like you aren’t in control of your career? Do you want to move into management but aren’t confident in your abilities? A Corporate Coach can help.

Hi, I’m Jacky Baz and I help people achieve careers they really deserve.

Most of my clients come to me to because they are unhappy with their current jobs, are seeking to strengthen their management skills or want to start their own businesses. Through coaching they gain the confidence to take control of their careers and lead fulfilling lives.

Some of areas I coach clients in are:
  • Identifying the right career for you, and the steps to achieve it
  • Building confidence as a manager
  • Mentoring new managers
  • Transitioning into new careers
  • Enhancing specific leadership skills such as communication, conflict resolution, team cohesion and decision making
  • Starting a business, from developing an idea to making it happen
  • Overcoming workplace obstacles
  • Improving interviewing and CV writing skills
Why have me as your Corporate Coach?

The reason why I left the corporate world and retrained as a coach is that I love helping others achieve their career goals, whether it is embarking on a new career or growing in confidence as a manager. I truly believe that everyone has the ability to improve their lives and achieve their dream career, as long as they commit to their goal.

My commitment to you is that our coaching sessions are completely focused on you, I will actively listen to you and challenge any negative self-beliefs you may have. I will always be honest, supportive and provide guidance when needed. Our coaching sessions will provide you with a safe, confidential forum in which to discuss your career concerns. Together we will identify the steps to help you overcome obstacles and achieve a fulfilling career.

Your Prime Locations: London, online and telephone

Coaching Profile: Life, Executive, Profile, Corporate

Average cost per session: £65


WeAreTheCity are happy to provide a list of coaches that you may consider engaging with either as a life coach or as a careers coach.  However, we advise all our members to research all individuals prior to engagement to ensure the right fit.

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