Jeremy Corbyn pledges to create an equal Commons with women ‘at the heart’ of Labour

Jeremy Corbyn
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Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to achieve the equal representation of women in parliament.

At a party event held at the Unison headquarters, Corbyn announced his support for all-female shortlists to help achieve a 50:50 representation within the UK parliament.

Corbyn has announced plans to create a Women’s Advisory Board within the Labour Party, to ensure that women are better represented within the party. Corbyn also promised to tackle sexual harassment and threats made online.

During the event, Corbyn was expected to say: “We will never be a successful society in which everybody is able to achieve their potential until we have full equality for women.”

“Under my leadership, Labour will take action to remove barriers in our society to women achieving full equality, we will tackle discrimination, sexism and violence against women and girls, both online and physical.”

“We will also take tangible measures to address the shortfall of women in public life by supporting all women shortlists to achieve gender balance in Parliament and set a target of 50:50 representation across public offices.”

“I want to ensure that women are at the heart of all our policy making, and that is why I am launching a consultation on the creation of a Women’s Advisory Board and strengthening representation in our party to make sure that women from all walks of life are truly reflected not just in policy making but also our decision making.”

“We will not transform society overnight, but working together we can take us further along the path to an equal society to rebuild and transform Britain so that no one and no community is left behind.”

Currently, Corbyn and Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader, hold the two top positions in the Labour Party. Within his Cabinet, Corbyn has assigned ten roles to women, including Emily Thornberry as Shadow Foreign Secretary; Diane Abott as Shadow Secretary of State for Health; and Rosie Winterton as Opposition Chief Whip.

Corbyn’s pledge comes as it was announced that the Women’s Equality Party had extended an invitation to Corbyn for their first Party Conference.

Speaking of the decision to invite the Labour leader, Sophie Walker said, “Jeremy Corbyn has tonight announced an annual Women’s Conference and Women’s Advisory Board to strengthen women’s voices within the Labour party.

“His comments are welcome, but light on detail.”

“If he wants to learn how to move towards a more equal society, we welcome him to our conference in November.”



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