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Jess Wright Periscope CoachJess specialises in career transition coaching, enabling clients to work out what they really want to do and then helping them to make it a reality. She work with clients across a variety of sectors and has coached clients from backgrounds as diverse as Finance and Trading, Marketing and Production, the Armed Services, Engineering, and the Legal professions.

Jess has always been passionate about empowering her clients to find the work that they love and she has been helping people to realise their ambitions since 2008. I work with professionals at all levels, from graduate to MD. Working face to face in London and Manchester and also via Skype, I can join you anywhere, any time. You might be stuck in a job you don’t enjoy or struggling to find a more fulfilling career, able to see where you want to be but unsure of how to get there or in need a standalone session to focus on a specific issue.

Through my company Periscope Works, I offer three distinct coaching packages each based around a structured framework. After an initial conversation your chosen program is adapted and tailored to your specific set of challenges and needs. Periscope Works uses an integrated approach drawing on a variety of methodologies to coach you towards the career that you want. Whether you are looking for a new job, planning a complete career change, returning to the workplace after maternity leave or redundancy or simply need a strategy session to plan your next move, taking the decision to make a change can feel like a daunting task. I believe that sometimes you need see things from a different perspective in order to see above and beyond.

I am an Associate member of the Association for Coaching. I abide by the AC code of ethics.

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