Jewellery Box Essentials: Pearls

pearls-1Pearls are a jewellery box essential. Every woman owns or dreams of owning a piece of pearl jewellery. These timeless classics are luxurious, exquisite and one of the oldest known gems. They have been a source of fascination since time immemorial due to their striking and stunning aesthetic beauty.

With so many pearls to choose from differing in size, shape, colour etc, there is a piece to suit all tastes. Pearls are highly regarded and prized as a symbol of pure beauty and elegance which is unsurpassable and incomparable. A piece of pearl jewellery is a worthwhile, life time investment which will transcend the test of time. Make a bold style statement and exude glamour, grace and sophistication with these magnificent jewellery box essentials.


Make a bold style statement with a pair of gorgeous pearl earrings. Pearl stud earrings are great for everyday wear as they are simple, easy-to-wear as well as exuding sophistication and glamour. However if you want an exciting alternative to the traditional pearl stud then a pair of drop or dangle earrings are a perfect choice and great for special occasions.

pearls-2A pair of Ruby and Akoya Pearl Drop Earrings with 18 carat gold are an exciting fusion of exquisite materials. The use of vibrant colours with classic pearls makes for a stunning design.

Featuring a dazzling pink ruby stud earring attached to a white gold chain which suspends a white 8mm Japanese Akoya pearl, these magnificent earrings are a modern take on a timeless classic. Attached to the pearl is a delicate circle of brilliant pink Thai rubies. The drop of each earring is 4 cm meaning it falls to the middle of your neck and each piece has an Alpa butterfly fitting making it comfortable and easy to wear. For a highly sophisticated and classic look, tie hair into loose side chignon to ensure all eyes are on these outstanding earrings.


pearls-3Pearls are conventionally thought of as being round, having a smooth surface, the perfect sphere. However this is not always the case. There is a diverse assortment of pearls which differ in shape, size and colour. For a contemporary look, opt for a bracelet made from Keshi Freshwater pearls. The word ‘Keshi’ is the Japanese word for poppy as these small, mesmerising morsels which were first found in saltwater oysters were said to resemble poppy seeds, in terms of shape.

This term also refers to cultured freshwater pearls that have been formed when the first harvest of pearls has been completed and the mussel has been returned to the water. As each pearl has an individual, baroque shape, this makes for a quirky, anomalous and bespoke design. Each pearl measures between 9.5 and 10.5mm in size and oozes radiance and an enchanting lustre. This beautiful bracelet is finished with a stunning sterling silver lobster clasp which is easy to fasten. This bracelet is a flawless choice if you want an up-to-date twist on a timeless classic.


pearls-4A pearl ring is a spectacular addition to any jewellery box. Inject grace and glamour into your look with a pearl ring, a stylish, timeless classic. This Tahitian Pearl and Diamond White Gold Ring is made from the finest materials. The stunning design features an 18 carat white gold band with a trio of incandescent diamonds set within it.

A single luxurious Tahitian pearl adds to the allure of this stunning solitaire band. Tahitian pearls are less well-known than their pearly white counterparts but are equally as beautiful.

This pearl has been produced in the warm ocean waters of French Polynesia and has a deep, enchanting mid-grey tone. The Tahitian pearl has been carefully, hand-selected and is of the highest quality.

There are also subtle hints of light green and pink which adds to the beauty of this piece. The white gold band features a total of 0.14 carats of round, glistening white diamonds which are in graduated sets of three, either side of the Tahitian Pearl. This piece is clean, polished, refined and will inject a touch of glamour into any form of attire, whether it be a casual, everyday affair of jeans and a white tee or a more formal black tie event.


pearls-5A Pearl necklace is the quintessential jewellery box piece. These timeless pieces accentuate femininity and have remained a source of fascination due to the certain mystical charm which they radiate. A white pearl necklace is the most traditional way to wear pearls and can be worn time and time again, never losing its appeal and allure. It is highly versatile and can easily transform an outfit from day to night.

This classic white pearl necklace is made from freshwater cultured pearls which have been farmed in China. Each strand has been meticulously chosen for its fine quality with a gleaming shine and lustre. It is 45cm in length and is otherwise known as a princess length necklace. Made from pearls with diameters ranging from 8.5-9.5mm, this outstanding piece is finished with either a sterling silver, 18 carat white or yellow gold clasp.


pearls-6A pearl pendant is perfect if you want to embrace these much-loved gems but want to create a look. Depending on your preference for the material of the pendant chain from yellow gold to white gold or sterling silver (I could go on) in conjunction with the varying types of pearls, there are a number of exciting combinations you could choose from.

A pendant can be worn solely on its own or layered with other pieces of jewellery for a modern, bohemian and exciting look. For a classic feel, opt for this Akoya Pearl and Diamond Pendant with 18 carat yellow gold. This stunning piece features a white Akoya pearl finished with a sparkling 0.06 carat diamond. The compelling blend of pearl and diamond makes for an exquisite and utterly seductive piece which oozes subtle opulence.

Akoya pearls are hugely sought after. They have a delicate colour and an exquisite lustre, making them one of the more popular of all pearls. Akoya pearls are timeless, elegant, luxurious and the perfect centrepiece for any pendant. Due to their enchanting nature and visually pleasing aesthetics, be sure to make a striking style statement with a pearl pendant.

All images used with permission of Winterson Pearls.

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