Join Karen Heights’ New Manager Confidence Programme

Karen Heights' 3 week confidence programme

Karen Robinson, founder of mentoring and coaching business Karen Heights, has launched a 3 week confidence programme designed for those who need advice on managing a team.

The programme is a rare opportunity to get direct advice and feedback from Karen without having to purchase 1-1 mentoring support.

Whether you are looking for more support and guidance than you’re currently getting, or you are struggling to find the right balance between being friendly and giving direction, this 3 week course will leave you feeling more self-assured about your management ability.

Confidence in your management is just three weeks away.

Are you needing more support and guidance than you’re currently getting?

Struggling to find the right balance between being friendly and giving direction?

I get it. Managing a team is hard and so often the post-promotion boost wears off quickly when you realise you’re suddenly expected to know stuff you’ve never been shown and feel a bit sick at the thought of.

I get you.

So let me level with you about what I think we can achieve together in three weeks;

  • You’re going to feel less ‘OMFG I’m drowning’ and more ‘I’ve got this’ .

    We’re going to unpack your worries like we unpack at Christmas, Chinese New Year or the Eid gathering at our parents’ house; with trepidation…there’s some icky conversations ahead but we’ll trade that for being doted on for a bit.

  • You’ll have techniques you can use, and which actually help, straight away.

    I’ll set you self-reflection tasks in between our group coaching calls, so you already know what you want to talk through and we can get down to straightforward tips and techniques. I promise to give you advice that’s actionable within that team of messy humans you’ve got on your hands.

  • You’ll have the two essential skills you need to keep on improving after the programme ends.

    There’s no way we can cover everything about managing a team in three weeks. But I’ll make sure you understand the two super power skills that mean you learn faster and can face absolutely anything without falling apart.

Target audience:

  • People in their first year of managing a person, team or function within any business or organisation
  • People working towards a management role or about to start
  • People who have been managing for a while, but have some worries and fears that are getting in the way


Starts Monday 27th April. Ends Sunday 17th May.

Throughout the 3 weeks, you will receive:

  • Tasks via email once a week
  • 90-minute coaching calls
  • Sunday-surgery – a second coaching call where you are free to discuss anything that’s on your mind


  • £50


About Karen:

Karen RobinsonKaren’s vision is a world led by people who are responsible with their power. So she founded her own mentoring and coaching business in 2019. Named after her Instagram name. Karen Heights – she focuses specifically or new or developing managers who are so often overlooked for mentoring, training or quality support as they develop.

Karen gives managers guidance on the stuff no-one ever tells them about how to confidently lead actual, complex human beings in a world gone wonky.

With eight years’ experience in senior leadership roles and ten before that managing small teams and ventures; she has worked across the charity, public and private sector including five years as Director of Business Development and Partnerships at the charity Missing People.

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