Join us and support #RedRebelDay to raise essential funds to tackle period poverty

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Join us and support Gift Wellness Foundation’s Period Poverty Campaign on 21 – 22nd March.

Gift Wellness Foundation are on a mission to provide sanitary products to women and girls who can’t afford or access them – both in the UK and globally.

Their Big Period Poverty Campaign Red Rebel Day is aiming to raise £100,000 of essential funds to distribute 600,000 menstrual pads. This will supply over 12,000 women and girls with at least six month’s supply of product.

On #RedRebelDay (21-22nd March), the Red Rebels will host a 36 hour online event to tackle War on Period Poverty with hundreds of Ambassadors that have ‘Joined Red Rebel Day’ and holding a personal fundraising page to help them smash their goal and a TEDxStroudWomen Talk from charity founder, Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed.

Today, there are at least 26 million forcibly displaced women in the world who need sanitary products. The £100,000 – two containers worth of sanitary pads – will help women in crisis through homeless charities, refugee camps, community groups and more. People need much more than pads, they need knowledge and support. The strong taboos are preventing people from asking for help and supporting the campaign and Gift Wellness Foundation want to change this.

Period Poverty is committed to supporting all menstruators in crisis. Founder Zareen and her team believe that universal access to high-quality, sustainable products is intrinsic to safe-guarding the dignity of those who bleed and also in tackling poverty head on. By educating and breaking down taboos, it is their mission to stem the tide of negativity surrounding periods, ensuring no one is at a disadvantage simply because they menstruate.

Period Poverty help women in refugee camps, female students and women in low income employment. They have helped provide over six million sanitary products to women in crisis around the world.

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CEO and Founder of The Gift Wellness Foundation, Dr. Zareen Roohi Ahmed, expands on the significance and necessity of an event like #RedRebelDay, “Since we started this work eight years ago, we’ve donated over six million menstrual pads to women in refugee camps, homeless women, food banks and schools in deprived areas.”

“However, nothing could have prepared us for the enormous increase in demand that we have experienced since the first Covid-19 lockdown.”

“We’re working day and night to distribute menstrual products to food banks, homeless charities, shelters, youth hostels and refugee projects who are struggling to supply basic essentials to those in need, and that’s just in the UK.”

“We’re also continuing to send large supplies of period product to refugee camps in war-torn places where people are living in unimaginable hardship exasperated by the winter conditions and the pandemic.”

“This is why I got together with the Trustees in December and we decided that a big campaign was needed to help us meet the demand”.

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