Journolink Launching Soon – New force to turn up the volume of the small business voice

logoEver since David and Goliath, Small Businesses have been looking for the metaphorical stones to outdo big business. Stones like ‘flexibility’, ‘price’, ‘relationships’, ‘service quality’, and ‘pure and simple hard work’.

But winning the Brand Profiling debate has always been a challenge. Big business means big budgets. Big business means proper resourcing. And big business means the potential for a big voice.

But a new force to turn up the volume of the small business voice launches at the Birmingham Spring Fair on 2 February.

Journolink is an innovative new On Line PR Agency positioned at linking Small Businesses to Journalists and Business Bloggers directly, giving businesses the opportunity of profiling their brand at a very affordable price, (there is even a free option), and giving journalists and bloggers free access to small business new releases, content, case studies and spokespeople.

For around £50 (plus Vat) a month businesses have their own PR agency at their finger tips 24/7, letting them issue their press releases on a structured template which has been designed to help businesses create their releases in a format that journalists will find easy to take. The businesses also get their own Press Page for their websites, which Journolink keep updated, and their own dashboard giving them tracking statistics. They can even arrange for Journolink to write their press releases for them, and there is a range of tutorials on the site to help any businesses manage media interviews.

But the really clever bit is that the Journolink PR portal analyses which press releases should be sent to which journalists, so that they are properly targeted at those who genuinely have an interest in them. That in itself means that there is a higher chance of coverage.

It’s not only the businesses that get a good deal though. Journalists and Business Bloggers struggle to get to real SME news stories, and until now have had virtually no where to go to to find businesses wanting to talk directly to them about the issues affecting them, the economy, the community, employment and so you can go on. Journolink gives them this with a full on line, real time, search facility, 24/7, for anything they might want to write about, with contact details for businesses who not only have said they want to talk, but also have access to tutorials to tell them how to do it without having to hold the hand of an expensive PR consultant.

So what does all this mean? Well, an easier life for Journalists and Business Bloggers to access small business news and case studies, but a very affordable way for businesses to raise their profile alongside those big name competitors.

The start of the end for those big PR agencies then?  Not at all, according to Jounolink. “The big agencies are important for the bigger businesses,” they say, “but smaller businesses simply can’t afford them. What Journolink is all about is giving those smaller businesses a real PR voice at a very affordable price, and in a way that really works for the journalists and bloggers”

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