Juggling Less — Accommodating a Busy Schedule By Working From Home

Juggling Less — Accommodating a Busy Schedule By Working From Home

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Let’s face it, we women of today have so many more different roles and responsibilities to juggle. We balance motherhood with holding down a job. We manage the household finances while running a happy home. Sometimes the way to make it all work, or at least to take some of the hassle of it, is to find employment that allows us to work from home and fit the job in with the busy schedule. Better still, it’s legit and it’s not possible to fall foul of the scams on the Internet.

Here are just some of the types of role you could consider:

Freelance writer

If you have excellent writing skills, a firm grasp of grammar and can meet deadlines (so organizational skills too), this sort of role is ideal for you. A freelance writer will usually be paid article by article. The key is to work fast: the faster that you work, the sooner that you become available to take on the next assignment.

Website testing

There are many website and app companies who need people to test out their sites for usability and bugs. You don’t necessarily need any specific skills to test websites, just a good quality broadband connection.


Transcription companies give the typist a piece of audio to listen to and then type up what is being said. Sometimes they require a word for word transcription, other times they need just key points. These roles are usually paid by the hour, so if you’re a slow typist this won’t be the right job for you. Many companies have a minimum typing speed requirement and work to tight deadlines.

Graphic design

Graphic designers work on a wide range of jobs, including advertising and marketing campaigns, website design, branding and website design. A degree or formal qualification is not usually necessary but an excellent portfolio of work is essential. Coding skills are also useful (it’s also an area in which many women are becoming interested).

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Setting yourself up to work from home

Don’t be too hasty. Working from home is a big decision, especially if you’re starting your own freelancing business where income isn’t guaranteed. Test the market while you’re still working to see what sort of volume of work you can expect. And be realistic, working from home can be lucrative, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to that level.

Research and compare broadband deals, the likelihood is, whatever the work at home role you choose, you will need fast and reliable broadband. In the same way that you would compare mobile phone deals, be savvy about which provider you choose so that you save money and keep your bills at a minimum.

Be as productive as you can. Learning to work from home as efficiently and effectively as possible will be the best way to successfully turn your passion into your career.

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