Just for fun: Our top 10 ‘Out of Office’ Messages to use during the Olympic period

We thought we would take the strain out of setting the right out of office message during the Olympics and have put together our top 10 favourites.  We hope you use some of these!

1. I am out of the office currently due to the Olympics being held in London. I am not participating nor do I have tickets to the games as could only get £450 per ticket for the solo synchronised swimming heats which I did not want. I am actually claiming I cannot get into the office due to travel chaos. However I normally walk to work and I live in Yorkshire.

2. I am out of the office due to large disruption in the London area. This is due to a sporting event that is not Wimbledon, the London Marathon nor Euro 2012. I will respond to emails on my return and once I can find a seat on the Jubilee Line from Willesden Green.

3. Hello, I am out of the office and unable to answer emails as the whole company is working from home over the Olympic period and so cannot access VPN as they never anticipated more than 50 people doing this. I would answer my phone but I figure it’s pointless!

4. I am currently out of the office as I managed to bag myself tickets to the Olympics. Ok so it’s only one event but I need 2 days prep to get me some cheap flags and union jack makeup. Go Team GB!

5. I am currently offline due to being forced to come into the office during the Olympics period. I am probably stuck on a tube or on the station platform awaiting another packed tube. If you need me to respond quickly please do not expect much as I will not be in the mood.

6. Hello, apparently I am out of the office but really I am enjoying the corporate hospitality that I have been offered for the Olympics by one of our suppliers. I’m not even sure we will see any of the games but hell I’m taking this offer as I deserve it.

7. I am in the office. But on my own as no one else bothered to turn up. 🙁

8. I am out of the office as I am on annual leave and actually out of the country. Yes some of us are still doing that!…Please contact  {Insert name}  on [******]

9. I am out of the office, please contact  {Insert name}  on [******] as I will be watching the Olympics in between some gardening and chill time. I would respond but probably having a Pimms and a few of the girls round.

10. I am out of the office, as I am competing at the Olympics. So excited and so hopeful for our nation. With 4 years of selecting the right Rose or Chablis I am at my physical peak to bag myself a gold in the Vino testing relay. Wish me luck!

If you have anymore, please share them with us!

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