Justine Greening calls for a “skills revolution for Brexit Britain”

Justine Greening

Education Secretary Justine Greening has today called for a “skills revolution for Brexit Britain.”

Greening set out her mission to deliver world-class technical education to give young people the best start and to help Britain make a success of leaving the European Union.

During her keynote speech to business leaders at the British Chambers of Commerce Education summit, Greening said that Britain could only rise to the challenge of developing the skills and talents of young people if the government and businesses worked together.

She also spoke of her plans to develop new T-Levels, backed by an extra £500 million of government investment per year announced in the budget, which will help build the army of skilled young people that business and the country need.

Greening also outlined plans to deliver the huge range of skills needed to make Britain a success, everything from coding to engineering and construction to design, at a time when migration remains high on the political agenda.

Greening said, “I want to create an army of skilled young people for British business.”

“But I need your help.”

“Government can’t do it alone.”

“Because that’s what we need, never more than now.”

“A skills revolution for Brexit Britain.”

“That’s the real strategy on migration.”

“Great companies need great people.”

“And my Department has a mission to give our young people the very best start – to become those great people.”

“The introduction of T-Levels will be the next stage of this journey – a gold standard for technical and professional excellence.”

“Offered alongside apprenticeships, they will form the basis of our new technical education system.”

“Delivering these reforms will be a challenge.”

“I am clear there is only one way to get this right – through genuine partnership between business, government and education professionals.”

“This means we need a collective plan.”

“One plan. One team. For skills.”

“A skills revolution.”

“A technical education revolution.”

“That is how we meet those challenges – head on.”

“It’s how we build our future.”

One business leader, Richard Dennys, CEO of affiliate marketing network Webgains, backed Greening and has said that he believes UK businesses need to change how they train the workforce of the future so that the UK doesn’t get left behind.

Dennys said, “According to TechCity UK, the UK has an estimated 750,000 shortage of people with appropriate digital skills.”

“This will probably get worse as we pass through Brexit.”

“I support the idea of increasing the skills and knowledge of our workforce because we need to continually invest in people; today, tomorrow and forever or the UK workforce will simply run out of steam.”

“To become sustainable in the future, businesses need to develop a training regime that meets the needs of future employees.”

“For example, at Webgains, we have revised the traditional learning structure to enable all employees to develop and diversify their knowledge as and when they need to.”

“We’re taking an on-demand ‘do and learn’ approach to training, putting professional development in the hands of the individual and fostering learning through real-world execution, rather than just theory.”

“This allows for more meaningful and relevant learning, and enables us to develop the ‘skilled young people for British business’ that the Education Secretary, Justine Greening, is calling for.”

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