How to keep a good work life balance in 2018!

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With 2018 in full swing many of us struggle to maintain a work life balance, BUT with Healthy Body, Happy Me Week on the 5th-9th March focusing on raising awareness of the importance of good health it’s now time to prioritise your well being!

London-based law firm Brookman Solicitors recent survey has revealed that 63% of individuals said they planned to change or improve an aspect of their life in 2018, including improving their work-life balance. But how do you go about transforming your lifestyle in order to achieve a work-life balance? Brookman Solicitors provide their top three tips on how to successfully achieve a good work life balance in 2018!

Schedule in Social Media Detoxes

In 2018 the pressure to work 24/7 due to the ease of communication and social media is unprecedented. The temptation to quickly reply to an email you’ve just received whilst relaxing with your family in the evening can be strong, this often means you never truly switch off from “work” mode which can sacrifice the quality time you spend with loved ones, especially if your mind is elsewhere. Interestingly, Brookman Solicitors, new survey of over 1,000 married individuals revealed that 40% of respondents said their partner would not check their social media profiles or emails at all on significant family-orientated calendar dates such as Christmas Day. In order to maintain a work life balance you must leave work at the office and consider scheduling in social media detoxes, such as not checking emails or social media from a certain time in the evening or avoiding being preoccupied by your phone on the weekend, this enables you to enjoy making memories in the real world with family and friends.

Prioritise Yourself

If you’re struggling to maintain a healthy work life balance this can have a detrimental impact on your health both mentally and physically making it even more important to prioritise yourself in 2018! One key aspect of creating the perfect work life balance is ensuring you get enough shut eye. It is recommended that you have an average of 8 hours sleep a night but yet many of us are still not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation will negatively impact on both your productivity at work and your ability to socialise and have a life outside work. Simple actions can be taken to ensure you get a better nights sleep ranging from not looking at your phone or the glare of a screen for at least an hour before you plan on going to sleep, avoiding caffeine in the evening and setting a sleep routine so that the time you go to sleep and wake up is the same each day to sync your body clock.

Master the art of saying NO!

We all do not want to upset others and can often be “people-pleasers” however if you already have a high workload with tight deadlines it is crucial you learn the ability to say NO to any additional tasks or favours for other colleagues. Factor in your responsibilities first and if you do not have time for any additions to your workload be honest with your colleague and explain the situation. Avoid being guilt tripped particularly if this will lead to stress and longer working hours for yourself as this will impact on your work life balance considerably .

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