Keeping fit for mental wellbeing

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By Jon Denoris Founder of Club 51

Exercise is not just about keeping fit for your physical shape.  Exercise is much more than, it can have a positive impact on your sleep, mental wellbeing and general mood. 

By just doing one thing a day you can shift how you feel and how you perceive the day. With the UK in lockdown, exercise is more important than ever.

Individuals who regularly exercise tend to do so as its give them a enormous boost to their day and their general wellbeing.   They feel more energetic throughout the day.  To combat mental wellbeing throughout lock down, Jon Denoris has devised the 2-minute microburst of activity done throughout the day.  These microbursts of activity every hour or at key times in the day when you might feel a slump or need a mental boost.  The 2 Minute Micro Work Out is like turning your day into a series of HIIT sessions, which ensure you get an endorphin rush, and feel energized when you sit back down at your desk.   The concept builds on recent time management strategies such as ‘chunking’, ‘deep working’ and the Pomodoro Technique.

Jon comments ‘The two minute microbursts of activity done hourly are perfect for the current situation of working from home.  There is no need to shower as it’s just two minutes, you can do it anywhere – in the garden, bedroom behind your desk chair – and equipment isn’t required.  We use similar techniques seen in our corporate wellness concept, which help to increase energy levels, increase self-control and reduce binge eating at your desk.  It increases blood flow, oxygen movement and helps to light up the brain.  We have found in the past that it has helped to increase engagement focus and intrinsic motivation levels”

Fitness for mental wellbeing should not be ignored and even doing one this a day will give you a boost.

About the author

Jon DenorisFounder of Club 51 Intelligent Fitness Studio & Exercise Scientist Jon Denoris MSc CISSN AFMCP is leading the way in the use of wearable tech & bio hacking in central London.     His innovative bio hacking studio in London, allows Jon to work with and track his private clients progress all over the world.  Jon specialises in synthesising data from various wearable tech devices, and translating it into time efficient, performance driven coaching plans. By working smarter not harder, clients are more likely to achieve their goals, be that improved performance in adventure racing or cutting-edge edge techniques for body fat reduction.  Jon published his first book “The Pop Up Gym” in 2014; it demystifies training and allows people to work out with minimal equipment, at anytime, anywhere.

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