Kick Start Your Summer with a Fitness Bootcamp

Exercise campAs summer is now upon us, more and more of us are starting to up our game when it comes to working out.

Trying to be healthier and more active during the summer months has a vast range of benefits and can help to improve our mental, emotional and physical health. Whilst going for a few runs or doing an exercise DVD can improve fitness levels and help with weight loss, in order to really feel the benefits of an active lifestyle it’s important to get outside and take on a challenge.

A great way to get involved in more adventurous exercising and healthy eating is by attending a residential bootcamp. These usually last for between one and fourteen days and aim to get you on track for a long-term balanced lifestyle. Usually located in the countryside or by the coast, bootcamps offer a chance to get away from chaotic city life and really focus on developing strength, fitness and confidence.

As well as providing the opportunity to take up challenging new exercises, bootcamps often have a strong focus on eating well. Northumberland’s Northern Bootcamp has designed a nutritionally balanced menu that sources local ingredients and encourages regular eating. Campers are given the opportunity to take away recipes so they can continue their healthy eating habits once bootcamp has finished.

The south of England also has a range of bootcamp opportunities, including Kent’s women only GI Jane programme. Available for a week or weekend, the camp is designed to kick start a permanent lifestyle change and make campers aware of the benefits of healthy living. For those who prefer a more exotic climate, GI Jane also has a programme in Thailand, which combines luxury accommodation, bootcamp classes and the chance to experience a different culture.

Different bootcamps have different approaches, as some take on a military-style format whilst others focus on individual fitness levels and encouragement. It’s a good idea to speak to the organisers about their approach before booking to make sure that it matches your own attitude to fitness. Whether you want to tone up for an occasion, train for a marathon or simply lose a few pounds, signing up for a bootcamp will help you to lose weight, improve your fitness level and gain confidence. Just make sure that you’re ready to continue with your new healthy lifestyle when you get home.

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