Lack of women in the workforce is so much more than just an equality issue, claims new report

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The gender pay gap would benefit businesses, the UK economy and society as a whole, not just equality, according to a new report out today.

‘Women’s Careers: What helps? What hinders?’ a report written by Gill Amos and commissioned by 10Eighty, found that networking, coaching, personal branding were important in helping a woman’s career. Maternity, economic and financial downturns and male behaviour were found to damage a woman’s career.

The report interviewed women working in professional and managerial roles across a range of organisations to find out what had helped and hindered them during the course of their careers and what influenced their career decisions.

Unconscious bias training, flexible working and learning, mentoring and coaching opportunities should be offered by organisations to improve and close the pay gap.

Amos, leadership development and career management specialist, said, “Whilst it is acknowledged that much progress has been made in career equality, there is still some way to go. Women are still subjected to unconscious bias and expected to conform to the linear (or male) career model and timings.”

“However, there are so many options to support women in work to stay and progress, which would benefit organisations, individuals and the national economy. It is an economic and social imperative that we use our female talent more effectively.”

“Men can play a key role in this, as it is not solely a women’s issue and it should, more realistically, be seen as a business, economic and social issue which men can impact for good. Most men would not want to see their daughters disadvantaged in their career, either in terms of prospects or pay, so it is fitting that both men and women address issues of diversity.”

You can download the full report here

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