Lena Dunham’s powerful pro-immigration essay for International Women’s Day

Outspoken actress, writer and feminist Lena Dunham has paid her tribute to International Women’s Day by penning an essay on her LinkedIn.
lena dunham

In the powerful essay, the Girls creator opens up about an undocumented personal hero, her great grandmother. Lena’s namesake emigrated from Russia before 1900, and eventually gave birth to eight children.

Dunham credits immigrant women as having a profound effect on feminists, who she says, “have always been emboldened by the acts of immigrant women. Following their lead will never steer us wrong.”

The writer goes onto describe her anxieties about attending the Womens’ March, and how she hopes to follow her Grandmother’s example, “by taking action against silent injustice,” and to bestow “love, patience, compassion and takeout” upon her loved ones.

Dunham concludes the essay by encouraging promotion for many organisations, and to utilise the power of International Women’s Day:

“…to use International Women’s Day to consider acts of courage great and small by immigrant women, and to commit to fighting with and for them.”

While she suggests helping those in the community, she mentions that even learning about and trying to connect with those women who came before us is a way to honor the day’s significance.

“It could mean going to a local center for Latino immigrants and sharing food, flowers or toys. It could mean supporting Dreamers attending college. It could mean volunteering to show a newly resettled family around your hometown, cook them a meal, remind them they are welcome.

Volunteering your time at Planned Parenthood ensures these women have the resources they need to start the lives they want. And sometimes the most powerful thing is organizing an act of creative protest. But maybe it just means asking about your great-grandmother.”

Read the full essay here

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